May 21, 2020
Affiliate Marketing
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A marketplace makes the entire process simpler and enables you to emphasize the core part of your business – sales. Talking about such marketplaces, Walmart has a well-known name. Before you dive into it, it is important to know about the right Walmart selling strategies that can help in determining how your product listing(s) will have an impact in the marketplace.

Walmart is one of the world’s leading multinational retail corporations with a huge turnover. It was founded in the year 1962. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. Walmart is a growing marketplace that has provided a lot of seller that perfect platform to have a powerful optimization strategy for conversion rate like never before. As per records, Walmart offers scope for selling 11million different items. Besides being a huge firm, Walmart is still controlled by the Walton family. It operates globally with more than 11,700 retail stores in 28+ countries. Also, it serves its e-retailers in eleven countries.  Initially, Walmart started with a few physical retail stores but later in the year 2000, it also moved to e-retail business.

The basic factor for ranking your product on walmart are- It should be it a catchy title, a great image, or writing the features in bullet points – eventually, improves your listing.

Guidelines To Improve Product Listing Quality On Walmart

1. Product Title Should Be Concise & Clear

. Keep the title within 50 – 75 characters and do not exceed this.

.Come up with a creative name for your product– something that has not been used by other sellers.

.Do not use special characters or symbols like ½, ™, ^, @, *, hearts, etc.

.Include the primary keyword for the product that you sell.

2. Product Shelf Description Should Highlight Three Benefits

.List 3 to 5 important benefits of the product in bullet points.

.Add specific information about the product and keep it understandable.

.Ensure that every bullet point is precise and simple.

3.Product Short Description Should Win The Customers Trust

A “short description” is something that appears either above or below the “shelf description.” It is usually a small paragraph that is 8-10 sentences long (or 500-1000 characters), describing the item in a more appealing way.

4. Product Long Description Should List All Features

Now, this is another important section for a product listing, where you describe the product in-depth. It gives you the freedom to write a paragraph or a list containing 250 – 300 words.

5.Product Images Should Be Of High Quality

They say that “a picture speaks a thousand words” and is true, especially for an e-commerce platform, where buyers 50% of the buying decision relies on it. This makes it even more crucial to keep the images of very good quality.

6.Product Price Should Be Competitive

Once you have presented your product by following all the key factors mentioned above, the utmost factor that decides if a product should be ranked on the top or not is “price.”

7. Product Reviews Should Be Majorly Positive

Last but not least, customer reviews play a key role in ranking too. In fact, they can make or break your business! Positive feedbacks not only play a key role in building credibility for your product but also helps improve your rankings.

The higher your product ranks, the greater are the possibilities that a potential customer will see your item over other options.

A product’s Organic ranking completely relies on the way it is presented and described. Clear product descriptions that explain every detail of the product isn’t just enough.