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Affiliates Marketing Services


Affiliate Marketing - In Simple Words

About a year ago nobody thought everything would go online like this as it is now. Everything has changed a lot and even the way of marketing. Since these days everything is going digital. Companies or even small businesses or services are looking for an online approach to target their customers. To achieve it, they want to create their own space in the market of the internet.
There are lots of ways to increase your brand value, sales, promote your websites and generate revenue via online mediums. Affiliate marketing is way more than just referral marketing. If done correctly can boost the amount of audience on your website.

Affiliate marketing covers other Internet marketing techniques somewhat because affiliate frequently utilizes normal advertising methods. Those strategies search engine optimization (SEO), paid search engine marketing (PPC or Pay Per Click), content marketing, email marketing, and in some sense display advertising. Then again, associates now and again utilize less conventional strategies, for example, publishing reviews of services or products offered by any partner website.

Advancing items and services of any online business are performed through broad handling of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing methods. Where social media optimization is the most significant technique used to improve the business and brand picture of the organization. It is a procedure of promoting the items and relevant services of a site through advancing the fundamental objectives and imparting them throughout the social media networks.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process by which the affiliates earn money for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliates just promote the product which he/she likes and earns a piece of the profit from each purchase they make. The tracking of the sales made is done via an affiliate link from one website to another.


Steps involved in it?

Company or Merchant : Their work just involves simply creating the product and at times getting involved in the promotion of the product.
Affiliate or Advertisers : They are the ones who serve as an advertiser between the business and the clients. They are the ones wholely responsible for promoting and creating campaigns launching them and even help to create an ultimate network between the merchant and a customer. This can be achieved by running a synopsis blog of the merchant’s products.
Consumers : They are the backbone of this whole system of affiliate marketing. Actually whenever the customer accesses the ads shown by the publishers across their media platforms such as a blog or anything else and when they purchase through clicking on the link provided by them a set of data is created which is sent to the partners of these affiliates and they after completing the verification of the selling and storing the data in the analytics section reassign the affiliates with another affiliate program.

And the cycle of clients to affiliates and affiliates to customers keeps going on and hence generating revenue for both the client and the affiliate.

Services provided by us

The earnings in this field are through various methods mainly which includes mainly by :
Creating Leads and Sales

Sales is one of the easiest ways but at times even the referrals or visits to websites do help in generating revenue for the publishers. The best part of this is once applied you just need to wait, until the best amount of leads are generated. But, this can take a lot of time At Square it we make this leads and sales process way faster than you could ever imagine.

Pay Per Click

As the name suggests the more the number of people clicks the links suggested the more is the revenue. It mainly involves launching ads, such as if you enter your browser and enter the keyword you are looking for and the ads appeared and when you click on them, then the hosting platform is responsible of paying the publisher money. We at Squareit optimize your ads in order to rank above the charts. We use proper SEO techniques while the formation of your ad cards. Be it Design, keyword or location.

Email Marketing

There are over 3.9 billion daily email users across the world, and that number is expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2023. Over 30% of B2B marketers even identify email newsletters as their most effective lead-generation source. It’s no surprise. Email is an opt-in channel that lets brands and publishers deliver personalized content directly to people’s inboxes.


These do help a lot in order to be more visible while your competitors lag behind. The better or more number of reviews generated on your website or mobile app. It enables the searching easy. Whenever someone searches in the related category the one with highest number of best reviews is ranked higher. And, with industry experts it becomes a way more easier. We, have been in this field for the past 8 years. And we know what can possibly go wrong. Hence we help you out in the best way possible.

Proper SEO and Blogging

When you wish to promote your content, it becomes really difficult to list out what are the possible thing that one can do. Blogging is one of those aspects. This along with proper SEO could help you rank higher in the Google Search Index. And what could be possibly better than choosing an institute like ours. We provide you with quality content which helps you find your way up in the search index.

Why Choose Us?

Honestly this is the arena we are the best one into and hence it gives you no chance to choose anyone else over any other association out there. Squareit has been in the field for the last 8 years and has built the trust of people over the years. We provide you with the ample amount of transparency in each and every step of ours. We keep you posted and thus we are experts in building network. Which is really a most important key to affiliate marketing. And the best part ours is that our network does not only stays in the local network of Lucknow but we do help you stay up and stay into a much bigger area, that definitely helps your business grow much faster and rank much above.
If we need to say it in short, then being industry experts for the past 8 years it does gives us enough confidence that, we are your one stop solution for all the Digital Marketing services. Not only that we have lately expanded our services in the field of Designing and Web Development. With a dedicated team of 50+ industry experts and guarantee of a brand like Squareit. We can assure you that you can hands down be the best business in the City of Nawabs (Lucknow).

Pricing Plans

  • 5 Analytics Campaigns
  • 300 Keywords
  • 250,000 Crawled Pages
  • -
  • 15 Social Accounts


  • 25 Analytics Campaigns
  • 1900 Keywords
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • Includes Branded Reports
  • 50 Social Accounts


  • 100 Analytics Campaigns
  • 7500 Keywords
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • Includes Branded Reports
  • 150 Social Accounts


Display Advertising
Pay Per Click Advertising
Link Building and Developing Contacts
Finding Right Spots To Place Ads
Strong SEO and Blogs
Experts at Email Marketing

Payment Methods

  • It is a simple fast and hassle free process, feel free to contact us regarding any details possible.
  • First of all select one of the pack from our 3 different Packages.
  • Fill up the contact Form OR Call us to Order with details.
  • Complete about 50% Payment to our Company Account [ we will share the account details when you are Contact us].
  • We can discuss the necessary details regarding your package on the medium of contact be it email or direct contact and analyse what is your need and what can we deliver according to the package chosen by you. We want you to have the best.
  • In case of SEO and Blog related stuff we deliver you the content. To get the opinion. For us your vote counts and we then make required changes and resend it to you after finalising the correction asked by you.
  • Now you just need to make balance 50% payment to our company account.
  • We will send you details of the contacts made and we will even provide with all the required stats which you require.

And just in case you are starting your business with an application we can provide you with every other possible solutions that would help your business grow. Be it the designing stuff, or the social media marketing section. We are a complete business solution.
Contact us and we would take up all your hassle out of your business life. Feel free to contact us. We would love to help you out as much as we can.

As we say action speak louder than words hence in order to have a gaze on the quality work done by the professionals in our team we would suggest you to please take a look on our portfolio page in order to get the glimpse of the top quality work done at Squareit so as to ensure yourself about the quality

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