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About Our Agency

Squareit Solutions: An Exclusive Digital Marketing Agency in Lucknow


Squareit Solutions is an exclusive and certified Digital Marketing agency in Lucknow, which has skills and expertise to facilitate complex result-oriented digital solutions. Spearhead in providing all Digital Marketing services like Search Engine Optimization, Pay per click, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Designing, Google Ads, Online advertising, Online Reputation Management, Content Management, Creative Designing and many more others. Our entire process for execution includes concept, development, designing, incorporation as well as implementation. Our Digital Marketing Company have an experienced & expert team who are efficiently working on latest technologies/tools to come up with excellent performs on various web based projects.

Our Motto

Say Digital Way Digital

Traditional is gone.. Digital is in!
Choosing the name “Squareit Solutions” has a different meaning and concept for us. The word “Squareit” represents the efforts and excellence our employees invested to complete the whole SQUARE. Square indicates our company’s roles and responsibilities towards the client, where the later part “It” represent the process we as an agency attempt to complete the whole square through our services towards the clients. Our client also signifies as an arm of the square, they provide best support and a supreme level of enthusiasm to work in an excellent way.


Respect to the logo of our company which is a picture of a Square with four different colors :

Natural Green (Positivity)
Vibrant Red (Dedication)
Royal Blue (Creativity)
Authentic Yellow (Excellence)


All of them represent the basic nature of our company towards the approach we set for our work objectives. We are committed to give our best possible performance matching client’s expectation efficiently. With a perfect blend of technology, innovation, and expertise, we deliver cutting-edge digital solutions.

Foundation Of The Company

Squareit Solutions, A renowned Digital Marketing company established in 2013 and laid by Sameer Khan (Founder & Director). Serving for more than 7 years this company has became the most versatile Digital Marketing Platform in Lucknow where passion and dedication are combined with an experience to grow your business. This company has been accredited several several prestigious recognitions for its quality services.
"Success does not come from what you do Occasionally, It comes from what you do Consistently."
~ Mr. Sameer Khan (Founder & Director, Squareit Solutions)

Our Employees Say

SquareIt Solutions is one of the best digital marketing agencies one can rely on. All the services in Digital Marketing niche are being provided by SquareIt Solutions keeping in mind the quality of the service being provided. The team here, is comprised of a variety of specified professionals for the concerning department handling the specific sector of Digital Marketing.
My experience with SquareIt Solutions has been a wonderful ride. I have been provided since the very beginning, a very creative and simplified working ambience which has greatly helped me with my knowledge of Digital Marketing in the current world. My experience and knowledge have boosted a lot in a short amount of time which I completely give credit to the team of this company.
I have been a part of the SEO team for a considerable amount of time now. Since the time I have joined SquareIt, my focused segment has always been SEO and the knowledge alongside the help that I got from the team members here, has proved to be a boon for me. I had gotten to learn and explore the vast ocean of my concerned department, i.e., SEO.
I work as a Social Media Executive in Squareit, It has been a very joyous journey working here! The Best thing is that I enjoy my work here. This agency provides you a very relaxing atmosphere where you can think out of the box every time as the best idea comes to your mind when you feel positive and relaxed. Squareit has a very energetic and creative team. I have got to learn so many marketing tactics and got the opportunity to build myself throughout this Journey.
I would highly recommend working for SquareIt Solutions if you really want to mould something out of yourself and discover what you are actually good at, I have been doing my internship in Squareit since the past 2 months and have acquired so much. The work ethics are dully followed here. Proud Squareite!