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Website Designing Services


What is Website?

A website is a collection of web pages that are publicly accessible, under a common domain name. They are, generally, created for individuals, businesses and organizations to serve a variety of purposes.Websites can be attributed to endless purposes, like a personal website, a corporate website, a government site, an organization site, a news site, an e-commerce site, an so on.

Why does your business need a website real soon?

Your website is the first point of contact with your potential customer. Nowadays, everyone refers to a profile, an introduction and a background while looking out for products or services. Your website should be such that it represents your business activities, its mission and provides enough data for the customer to trust you. An unappealing or slow website would communicate that the business lacks expertise. Hence, it is crucial that your website reflects professionalism. Following are few reasons why you should reach out to an experienced web designing company for your website :

Fast Load Time

A fast load time serves as a key enhancer to user experience. A quick website that can be surfed with ease, and which includes the required plugins and tools, tends to create a positive impression. A professional website designing company ensures that the site does not decelerate or halt due to time consuming loading screens.

Improved Brand Recognition

To stand out in a cut throat competitive environment, businesses need to develop a strong brand value that can fetch monetary benefits. A website is the base of the brand, on which stands its online presence and marketing strategies. A professional website design company would work to align the offline operations and functioning of a business with an online presence across various channels on the web.

Increased Traffic

A professional web designing company is well aware of the causes and impacts of higher engagement. A higher engagement tends to bring higher conversion. In order that the business yields profits, the site should be discoverable easily and should be able to handle high traffic hours. The company shall provide an optimised site that ranks in few top results.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

A professional website is user friendly. It provides a good user interface and attracts attention. Hiring an expert web designing company provides you an edge over your competitor, when it comes to adapting new technologies and keeping up with the pace of time.

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Squareit ensures that it hands you over a safe, fast and highly reliable website within a cost-effective budget. Our efficient and able team lets you sit back and relax, as we constantly strive to boost your business.

Type of websites we can design for you

Static Website Designs

These types of websites are really basic and do not require much programming or database designing. primarily they are the one without any server-side functionality.Square It Solutions provides you stylish websites which comprise of creative design concepts that reflect ideologies. The fundamental purpose of static websites is to present content in a simple, faster and cost efficient manner. Even so, they are delivered to you in no time.

Advanced Static Website Designs

These style of website design is useful for small or medium enterprises that offer limited services. These Websites consist of sections such as Home, About Us, Services and Contact Us and a few other drop downs. These websites are made smooth and stylish by attaching advanced website design features which include Drop-down Navigation, Animated jQuery, Social Media Plugins etc.

Dynamic Website Designs

Dynamic website designs are those that display different content for different set of visitors. Display settings get automatically altered depending on factors like demographics, geography, language and time. These websites are of great help to large businesses and corporates as they get a platform that allows them to perform multiple functions, display complex data and put out interactive content. Ultimately, we can say that it is a basic website design for the larger organisations to showcase their products and service and at the same time, produce multiple pages based on a common template.

E-Commerce Website Designs

E-commerce websites allow you to put up your goods or services online. These are developed for those businesses which plan to provide their offerings through the internet. E-Commerce Website Designs are required to partner with a PayPal account or any other vendor integration system from where they can receive online payment through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Visa or MasterCard. A Good e-commerce web design is about displaying content through the right colours, graphics and fonts that attracts visitors to purchase your offering. At SquareIt, we assure that Your ecommerce website is uniquely designed and well coordinated to attract potential customer and that too, in a budget friendly manner.

Being an experienced and professional web designing agency, how can we lend out a helping hand?

At Squareit, firstly, we analyze the requirements of our clients, their products, and services & what exactly they are willing to present on the web. The main goal is to make a comprehensive, user-friendly and accessible website. The plan is developed and executed as per the client’s preferences.We have expert developers and designers who are mindful of how significant the site execution is, for the business's prosperity. Websites are built consciously, to accommodate the entirety of the significant web search engines permitting productive and crawlable site pages that are optimised for exact search terms.
As a Website Designing Company which has a committed team for web application, we document all procedures along the way and keep up high standards which are aligned with the goal that the code is effectively overseen and upgraded later on. Our testing group guarantees that our product is even with the most recent benchmarks viz, quick site loading times, expanded ease of use and quality web design interfaces.

Pricing Plans

  • 5 Analytics Campaigns
  • 300 Keywords
  • 250,000 Crawled Pages
  • -
  • 15 Social Accounts


  • 25 Analytics Campaigns
  • 1900 Keywords
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • Includes Branded Reports
  • 50 Social Accounts


  • 100 Analytics Campaigns
  • 7500 Keywords
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • Includes Branded Reports
  • 150 Social Accounts


How can you avail our services?

You can reach out to us by filling out this form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us at 0522-4006199 or drop a mail at [email protected]

Squareit Solutions provides the most trustworthy web development services in Lucknow in cost-efficient ways that are quick, safe and reliable.We specialize in designing websites that reflect your ideas, that are framed by our designing concepts. That is why companies not only reevaluate their business website but also partner with SquareIt Solutions, that drives significant revenue for its diverse clientele.With over 8 years of experience, we're confident of designing a customised website that boosts sales for your business.


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