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Website Maintenance Services


Though being a digital marketing company, we are constantly enhancing our levels towards the area of web development & maintenance. Website Maintenance is defined as updates and changes to your website, after the initial site build is complete, has been transferred to the server, and the last modifications have been made and endorses.

It is a movement that is intended to keep a site running smoothly. Website Maintenance is characterized as updates and changes to your site after the underlying website assembles is finished, has been transferred to the server, and last corrections have been made and affirm. It is a movement that is intended to keep a site running easily.

Web support alludes to either evolving substance, amending broken connections and bugs or updating the highlights of a site to improve execution.


Changing the substance of a site may include

  • Refreshing data i.e., transferring pictures, recordings, information.
  • Overhauling the site i.e., including more up to date and better highlights and evacuating outdated parts.
  • Changing the structure of the site eg., making space/openings for ads
Website Maintenance is characterized as updates and changes to your site, after the underlying site construct is finished, has been transferred to the server, and the last modification have been made and affirms. It is an action that is intended to keep a site running easily.

One motivation to perform Website Maintenance is to refresh. It is essential to stay up with the latest and to ensure that the frameworks used to run the site are additionally current. Having the most recent projects on the backend will keep the site increasingly secure, notwithstanding permitting individuals to stay aware of changes. It will likewise improve client experience on the site, which can be entirely significant for locales that need to manufacture and hold huge client bases. In the event that a site will be handicapped while it is taken a shot at, it might be placed into upkeep mode.

During this time, a notification shows up on the site clarifying that it is briefly inaccessible, preferably with a note expressing when the site ought to be back. During support mode, significant site upkeep errands can be performed without agonizing over keeping the site useful for clients simultaneously. The site upkeep can incorporate everything from changing a substance to the board framework to putting in new apparatuses on the site.

Let us setup a plan that includes a combination of the following to suite your needs

Real Time Security (Website Firewall)

All Web traffic to your site is routed through a Web Application Firewall (WAF) / Security Proxy and analyzed for threats. Bad traffic is blocked while legitimate traffic is allowed through. WordPress is virtually patched; meaning that soon after a known threat is discovered your site is protected even before it is updated.

Malware / Hack Detection

In addition to real-time monitoring your website can be scanned every every 12 hours for malware and hacks.

Malware Cleanup

If a security issue is found, the site will be cleaned up right away at no additional cost.

Off Site Backups Web/ Revisions

A fully automatic backup of your website (files and database) will be taken daily and stored offsite. All backups are held for 30 days with revisions (roll back to any saved version). Features include your own dashboard, reporting, notifications, one-click restore, and restore help from Squareit if you should ever need it.

WordPress Update Service

All the time, we will refresh the WordPress center, and modules of your site. A backup will be taken prior to any applied updates. If we should notice anything going wrong after an update, we will spend up to 1 hour resolving the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved in that amount of time, we will restore your site to its previously stable state and contact you to discuss options.

Website Performance and Uptime Monitoring

Our WordPress hosting service includes 24/7/365 monitoring of the server architecture AND your individual site (i.e. we get a notice if there should be a performance issue with your particular website and will react accordingly).

Webmaster Services / Web Support

We remain available to work on your site as you need it. Should you need a new feature, a bug fix or other website maintenance services we are only a support ticket or phone call away. A support request is can be used for just about anything from a style update, a theme or plugin installation, customization, bug fix, troubleshooting or even just general help figuring something out. A support request is defined as any request taking approximately 30 minutes or less.

WordPress Hosting

Squareit has worked with Rackspace to develop a premium high performance, high redundancy, secure platform for hosting WordPress websites. Learn more about our WordPress hosting services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you maintain a website?
Maintaining a website involves regularly checking and updating the site to ensure it is running smoothly and meeting its goals. This includes tasks such as updating content, ensuring site security, optimizing for search engines, testing for functionality, and monitoring site traffic.
Do websites need maintenance?
websites need maintenance to ensure that they remain up-to-date, secure, and functioning properly. Website maintenance can involve activities such as updating content, fixing broken links, optimizing site speed, and installing security updates. Regular maintenance can help prevent potential issues and keep a website running smoothly.
What is basic website maintenance?
Basic website maintenance includes tasks like updating software and plugins, backing up the website, monitoring security, fixing broken links and pages, and ensuring the website's design is consistent and visually appealing.
Is maintaining a website difficult?
Maintaining a website can be difficult depending on the complexity of the website and the amount of content. However, regular website maintenance is essential to ensure the website is up to date, secure, and functioning properly. With the right tools and knowledge, website maintenance can be manageable.
What do website maintenance services include?
Website maintenance services include various tasks to ensure that a website stays up-to-date, secure, and functional. These tasks typically include updating software and plugins, creating backups, checking for broken links, optimizing website speed, and monitoring for security issues.