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Mobile Marketing Services in Lucknow


Mobile Marketing Services in Lucknow

A leading mobile marketing company in Lucknow, SquareIT Solutions, is committed to assisting companies in realising the potential of mobile marketing. Mobile marketing has become a crucial tactic for reaching and interacting with customers as a result of the exponential rise in smartphone usage. in SquareIT Solutions, our knowledgeable team is skilled in harnessing the potential of mobile technology and specialises in creating highly effective mobile campaigns. Businesses can benefit from advantages including enhanced brand visibility, higher customer interaction, personalised messaging, location-based targeting, and real-time analytics by utilising the potential of mobile marketing. Work with SquareIT Solutions in Lucknow to elevate your mobile marketing initiatives and spur company expansion.

Why choose Squareit For Mobile Marketing Services in Lucknow

To produce outstanding outcomes, our team of professionals combines cutting-edge technology, sector expertise, and innovative techniques. We are aware of the particular difficulties that businesses encounter in the mobile environment and we have tailored our services to fit their needs.

You can anticipate customised marketing efforts, elevated client engagement, enhanced brand recognition, and quantifiable outcomes with SquareIT Solutions. We take great pleasure in our dedication to excellence and our capacity to keep on top of developments in the field of mobile marketing. Select SquareIT Solutions for unmatched success and competence in mobile marketing in lucknow.


Our Top Mobile Marketing Services

We provide thorough mobile marketing services that are adapted to your organisation's requirements as the leading mobile marketing company in Lucknow. Our knowledgeable team specialises in developing focused mobile ads that increase interaction, raise brand awareness, and produce quantifiable results. We offer the know-how to assist you in effectively utilising mobile devices, from location-based targeting to SMS marketing to mobile advertising. For outstanding mobile marketing services that advance your company in the digital era, team up with Squareit Solution.

IOS Development

Stats prove that about 26.5% of the total mobile users are apple users. This means a lot of people are using Apple devices these days and hence it becomes very important for the developers to get into iOS development of the mobile marketing sector. iOS development means the method of creating mobile applications for the Apple devices which include iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. We at Square provide you with quality iOS apps for your business. iOS development can be tricky in terms of mobile marketing but with the mobile marketers at Squareit, it becomes a piece of cake. We have developers who are experts in swift & Xcode and can help you in your journey of mobile marketing in the iOS development field.

Android Development

As stated that about 26.5% of the mobile market chunk is ruled by the iOS industry still the majority of the population sticks to the android side of the aspect. The rift of android vs iOS has been quite long. But, we don’t want that should hamper your business by any means. And to do that we even provide you with an android app solution in our package. We have a bunch of android app developers who are masters of their craft in the field of app development. They have a great command of modern-day android languages such as Kotlin and Java. So it becomes a piece of cake for our developers to match your business solution.

Windows Apps Development

There is a good number of people who are associated with the desktop version of the apps. You don’t need to worry about that too we do include these services in our packages and provide you with the windows based application which could even target the pc based customers who prefer using such kinds of apps.

Custom Apps Development

When we speak about the traditional ways it might be a problem that, older methods might contain a lot of limitations. Whereas custom app development remarkably breaks those boundaries. As, when we introduce the word custom app we are expecting nothing. This means we have android app developers or say IOS developers who are so skilled that they could even make those modifications that you want. From attaching payment gateways to attaching customer visit database creation. We are ready for it. At Squareit we do pretty much whatever you want. It is like “You say it we will do it”.

Mobile Marketing Advantages

As a well-known mobile marketing agency in Lucknow, we are aware of the value of mobile marketing and its benefits for companies. Mobile marketing offers numerous benefits, including the ability to reach a wide audience instantly, engage with customers on a personal level, and deliver targeted messages directly to their mobile devices.

  • Targeted Reach: Mobile marketing enables companies to precisely target their target market. You can maximise the efficiency of your campaign and cut down on resource wastage by working with a mobile marketing business to locate and connect with the ideal customers in Lucknow.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Direct and individualised customer communication is made possible by mobile marketing. With the aid of interactive features, intriguing content, and engaging campaign designs, a mobile marketing business can help you increase audience engagement and involvement.
  • Targeting customers according to their location is possible with mobile marketing. You can use geolocation data to give pertinent and localised offers, promotions, or information to potential clients in the area with the aid of a mobile marketing business in Lucknow.
  • Real-time analytics and insights: Mobile marketing solutions offer powerful analytics, enabling you to monitor the success of your campaigns in real-time. An organisation that specialises in mobile marketing can examine the data, offer insightful recommendations, and aid in the optimisation of your marketing initiatives.
  • Maintain a Competitive Advantage: Working with a mobile marketing company keeps you abreast of the most recent developments in mobile trends, technology, and best practises. This enables you to use cutting-edge mobile marketing techniques and approaches to stay ahead of your rivals in business.

Pricing Plans

  • 5 Analytics Campaigns
  • 300 Keywords
  • 250,000 Crawled Pages
  • -
  • 15 Social Accounts


  • 25 Analytics Campaigns
  • 1900 Keywords
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • Includes Branded Reports
  • 50 Social Accounts


  • 100 Analytics Campaigns
  • 7500 Keywords
  • 1,250,000 Crawled Pages
  • Includes Branded Reports
  • 150 Social Accounts


Knowing Your Competitors
Locating The Best Methods To Grow
Working Together With You
Research For Your Best
Creating Impressive Outlook
Creating a strong impression
  • It is a simple fast and hassle free process, feel free to contact us regarding any details possible.
  • First of all select one of the pack from our 3 different Packages
  • Fill up the contact Form OR Call us to Order with details.
  • Complete about 50% Payment to our Company Account [ we will share the account details when you are Contact us]
  • We can discuss the necessary details regarding your package on the medium of contact be it email or direct contact and analyse what is your need and what can we deliver according to the package chosen by you. We want you to have the best.
  • We will send you the number of designs with in the number of days as per your selected pack.
  • As per your feedback we will change/modify the selected design.
  • Final design of the project will be shared with you.
  • Now you just need to make balance 50% payment to our company account.
  • We will send you Source File with other file formats.
  • And just in case you are starting your business with an application we can provide you with every other possible solutions that would help your business grow. Be it the designing stuff, or the social media marketing section. We are a complete business solution.
  • Contact us and we would take up all your hassle out of your business life. Feel free to contact us, as we would love to help you out as much as we can.

As we say action speak louder than words hence in order to have a gaze on the quality work done by the professionals in our team we would suggest you to please take a look on our portfolio page in order to get the glimpse of the top quality work done at Squareit so as to ensure yourself about the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by mobile marketing?
Mobile marketing refers to the practice of promoting goods or services to consumers via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It can involve a variety of tactics, including SMS marketing, mobile apps, mobile advertising, mobile websites, and more. Mobile marketing is increasingly important as more and more people use mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the internet.
What is mobile marketing and example?
Mobile marketing is a digital marketing strategy that focuses on reaching target audiences through their mobile devices. Examples include mobile apps, SMS marketing, mobile search ads, mobile-optimized emails, and mobile-optimized websites. The goal is to engage and connect with consumers on-the-go.
What is the benefit of mobile marketing?
The benefits of mobile marketing include the ability to reach a large and engaged audience, the potential for increased brand awareness and customer engagement, and the ability to personalize messaging and targeting to specific demographics. Additionally, mobile marketing can be cost-effective and provide a measurable return on investment.
Is mobile marketing effective?
Yes, mobile marketing is considered effective due to the increasing number of mobile users and the ability to target audiences based on location and behavior, leading to higher engagement rates and conversion rates.
Why is mobile marketing important today?
Mobile marketing is important today because mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary means of accessing the internet. As such, businesses can reach customers more easily through mobile marketing, using tactics like SMS marketing, mobile advertising, and mobile-optimized websites and apps. This can lead to increased engagement, brand awareness, and sales.

Our Customers Say

Squareit Solutions is a fantastic team that have helped us grow our business online through a wide range of digital services including Social Media, PPC, SEO etc. This is the best digital Marketing agency that is very Professional and result oriented.


It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Squareit Solutions. The guys not only provided creative solutions for our consultancy but also helped us to reach our Target Customers. The best part is transparency and regular reports.

No doubt, Squareit Solutions is the Best digital Makreting Company in Lucknow where the Creative team helped us grow our business online through a wide range of digital services including SEO, Youtube Video promotion, Google Adwords etc. under minimal amount.

Jewels Box ranking has gone up so much from the great work that your team has done and our brand get organic sales consistently from your efforts. We are very much thankful to Squareit Solutions for their result-oriented efforts.

Extremely Satisfied with Squareit Solutions services. It is best Digital marketing Agency working on our project like their own, very dedicated to client services and we look forward to work with them in future also.


Work and response is extremely superb, Staff is cooperative. I am super happy with their services. Keep up the good work!


Squareit is a creative company that knows how to get the job done. I would recommend you to check it out if you are looking to grow your business digitally.


Outstanding Digital marketing agency!!! I would highly recommend the company to any business who need SEO, content marketing, web design and development, affiliate marketing and much more.


One of the best digital marketing agency in Lucknow. The team is very professional and dedicated to the work. They have kept the charges very feasible for all.

Great Experience with Squareit (Digital Marketing Agency). Squareit took the initiative and truly cared about our company and the end results are great. Highly recommended for Website and SEO.