Apr 13, 2022
Digital Marketing
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Top 10 digital marketing tools used by expert


Digital marketing is the new norm of the contemporary world. The digital world works on digital tools. There are applications, hacks and tools for every task that is oriented in the modern world. Digital marketing has thrived in recent times by being one of the most vital elements for the growth of any company or organisation.

Different tools are available over the digital platforms, some of them are paid whereas some of them are free for exclusive usage. These digital marketing tools cover the horizon of utilities ranging from analysing most searched keywords to lead recapturing. Digital tools can also be classified in a diverse range depending on the purpose they serve. The variety can largely be clubbed into tools like email marketing tools, tools for social media marketing, Google tools for digital marketing, tools for competitor analysis, and digital marketing tools for keyword research and SEO.


Here are the top 10 digital marketing tools that are highly preferred and recommended by experts for giving your business and marketing strategies the best digital boost.


1- Sprout Social - Social Media Management Tool

Sprout Social is a tool for social media marketing. With the increasing influence of social media, it is very important to utilise that platform for digital marketing. Sprout Social is one of the best tools for social media marketing. It is also an effective tool to collaborate and bind up with competitors and colleagues. It is a full social media analyser that will help you get a great insight into your posts' popularity and the success magnitude of previous social campaigns.


Features of Sprout Social:

  • It helps the user to manage the business, and assemble and analyse the assets in one place with reduced time limits.
  • It can help you select a target audience for your idea of business where you can receive the largest number of active users.
  • It will also introduce the user to the best hashtags and popular trends.
  • It provides an optimised way to keep a check on the messages and reply to them in a limited time.



The price range varies from $89 to $249 per user/month which is billed annually.

Sprout Social also offers a free trial for 30 days to get an idea about the effectivity of this tool.

Pricing Plan of Sprout Social


2- SendGrid - Best Email Marketing Tool

SendGrid rates as one of the most highly rated email marketing tools. Since emails have gained so much importance and priority in everyone’s life in the digital era, using emails as a technique for digital marketing is a wise and trendy method. From deliverability to performance analysis, SendGrid is best for all of these. It also takes care of the budget as it provides a lot of no-cost services and features with options to upgrade as you dig deeper and develop more into your business and digital marketing techniques.

Pricing plan of sendgrid


Features of SendGrid:

  • The platforms help beginners to novices in designing effective campaign emails with good visuals, drag and drop methodologies, coded material and trend classified content integration.
  • You can calculate your email ROI using this tool.
  • It has one of the best delivery rates in all of the email marketing tools.
  • A huge variety of dynamic templates can be selected and modified in no time.



It offers a free version with a limit of 100 emails per day whereas the professional version with all the features unlocked is priced at $89.95/ month and can be customised depending on the number of mails you chose to send over a day.


3- Creatopy - Responsive Banner Ads Maker

Creatopy was formerly known as Bannersnack. You can get an idea from the name itself that it is about creating graphical information akin to canva. It can be easily used by professionals as well as non-designers to print media or web creation.

It helps in working effortlessly with fellow competitors and keeping your brand creations well organised because the platforms are designed in that way purposely.


Features of Creatopy:

  • Creatopy is similar to the format of drag and drops pictures, fonts and graphics giving access to over thousands on the web.
  • Creatopy is essentially used for managing multiple clients or social media accounts by corporations or agencies.
  • Alongside you can edit and change your designs from available multiple formats like a desktop banner in one click.
  • It can help you to customise and control HTML5 animation intuitively.



The base version is available at $17/month/user and the advanced version is at $35/month/user billed annually.


4- Ahrefs - Best tool for SEO Expert

When we talk about Search Engine Optimisation, it is automatically understood that this branch of social media marketing has gained popularity like no other. Ahrefs is your best bet when we talk about using SEO. Making your content visible to the masses and improving its visibility is the primary object of this platform. Ahrefs is the most popular digital marketing tool for keyword research and SEO. It is also one of the best tools for competitive analysis.

Reason to signup for Ahref webmaster tool


Features of Ahref:

  • It gives you an idea about the estimated traffic that a specific keyword or search result is leading to which is used by your competitors.
  •  It can highlight a site’s most visited and seen content with information on the source of backlinks and keywords associated with that material.
  • The platform presents any URLs most organic and effective keywords.
  • It can help you track your ranking progress.



The lite version starts from $83/month and the enterprise version is at $833/month billed annually.


5- OptiMonk -Powerful Pop-Up Builder

It is very crucial in the world of digital marketing to recapture the visitors to your content and don’t let them bounce away due to pop-ups. Making pop-ups non-disruptive for the user, is a good way of holding back visitors on your landing page. It is a very smart way to pop up and give relatable search results which hold a lot of significance in context to what the user has searched or what has been looked for. This feature makes this digital marketing tool a smart and adaptive idea for presenting sensible content to those who are looking out for something just like this.


Features of OptiMonk:

  • OptiMonk is highly valuable because of the lead capturing and site landing features that it offers.
  • It helps to re-engage the visitor with the content of your campaign and don’t let the user get distracted or the searched content get scattered in between other ads and pop-ups.
  • It can help you to design pop ups that are attractive and load instantly on a mobile phone.
  • It comes with advanced targeting algorithms like cart-value and product targeting



There is a free version available with limited features and the premium version is at $199/ month. It also offers 2 months for free on yearly plans.


6- Venngage - Professional Infographic Maker

As the name depicts its meaning is derived from the Venn diagram which means any sets of any mathematical or logical figures represented pictorially on a diagram as enclosed circles intersecting common elements of the sets in a circle. Venngage is similar to Venn diagrams showing information through graphics or any visual representation diagrams. It is another graphic digital marketing tool created with a major emphasis on infographics.


Features of Venngage:

  • With many options of graphical representation, you can personalize your information the way you want in Venngage.
  • Venngage becomes even better with tonnes of different options of inbuilt graphics to choose from to customise your infographics according to your preferences.
  • It can help you to create informational graphics to onboard your staff and communicate the company policies.
  • Help you visualise your KPIs, goals, strategies, progress report in a more detailed manner.



There is a free version available with limited features and the business version is at $499/month billed yearly.


7- Loomly -Calender Based Content Creation Tool

In case if you are looking forward to a digital marketing tool that is effective in sense of smaller social teams working on organising and collaborating on content.

It adds utility to your plans because it has a nicely designed way of keeping deadlines, calendars and workflows. Moreover, the tool is designed in such a simple and user-friendly way that even a fresher will get a knack for the tool in no time. It helps smaller social media-based companies establish themselves in the Internet's oblivion.


Features of Loomly:

  • It helps you to manage all the social media content from one platform.
  • It generates new ideas for effective content based on what is trending over the Internet like RSS feeds and Twitter trends.
  • It helps you to create posts and ads in a professional manner.
  • It gives you the access to easily interact with your target audience over different social media platforms through a single channel only.

Pricing plan of Loomly


The basic version of Loomly is available for $26/month and the premium membership is at $269/month billed annually.

It also offers a free trial for 15 days.


8- Visme -Tool to create impactful Infographics and Social Media Posts


Visme is another great option for digital marketing tool which focuses primarily on data representation through the visualisation of data and statistics. It gives you ease in showing your information graphically.

Visme plays a crucial role as infographics and first-hand data are the most shared information on any social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Anyone who frequently publishes data on social media platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn can use Visme because it will be ideal for that purpose.


Features of Visme:

  • You access data from external sources and add it to your infographics to make a presentation.
  • You can add media and animation to your reports and presentations.
  • You can integrate data from other platforms very easily and present them in a better way.
  • The interface is easy to use and user friendly, so designing better content becomes simple and faster.



There is a free version available with limited features and the business version is at $24.75/month billed yearly.


9- Typeform - Make Attractive and Engaging Forms

A tool that can present ads in such a stylish and attractive way that it doesn’t even look like an ad but brings users’ attention to your content. The User Interface of this digital marketing tool has received great appreciation from a lot of tech-savvy millennials.


Features of Typeform:

  • It can draw a lot of attention to your campaign through surveys and quizzes which get a lot of responses from the digital population over the Internet.
  • Helps to create ads in unique and hassle free manner.
  • Easy integration with your CRM to help you never miss out follow ups.
  • Organised presentation of data and better results through personalisation techniques.



The base version is available at $25/month and the advanced version is at $83/month billed annually.


10- Google Analytics - Web Analytics Tool


When we talk about digital marketing tools, Google analytics has surely got to be in the list. A Google tool for digital marketing which is used to analyse the traffic over any website and the time the visitors spend over different contents. and also helps you to set up goals for increasing your conversion making it a reliable e-commerce setup for your business deals.


Features of Google Analytics:

  • It will help you understand about the type of audience which is coming to your website.
  • It can help the user to analyse the time spent by audience over different types of webpages in a single website.
  • It also comes with more extraordinary features to help you improve in user engagement
  • It can help you to improve your ranking by improving your content through data analysis like mostly searched keywords, largest active audience , etc.



Google Analytics comes free of charge.