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UI/UX design

UI/UX design


User Experience (UX) is the holistic journey users go through when using a product. It opens not only your direct interactions with the product but also how it fits into your overall task fulfillment process. Various aspects of the experience are under the direct control of the product or are simply linked to the product, the overall experience is viewed as part of the UX from the user's point of view. Every point of contact between the customer and the company is included in the overall user experience.

What is the difference between UI and UX?

UI and UX are often used interchangeably, but when the acronyms are really detailed the user interface and user experience are very different. The user interface is literally what the user sees and interacts with within the product: the buttons, the layout, the navigation, the Form fields form, etc. Like the cockpit of an airplane or the buttons on the remote control, what a user sees is what he touches. "UI" can also be an abbreviation for the "appearance" of a product.

The user interface opens a much wider range of elements than the user interface, although the user interface is definitely included in that broader definition. The user experience encompasses everything an end-user does about the product, including how it fits into your overall workflow. and steps. before and after the actual use of the product. Additionally, the user experience covers how these interactions change over time as customer usage evolves and the product and business change.

What does a UX designer do?

A UX designer uses a toolkit that includes user research and testing, graphic design, layout, language, and writing. You can code something (usually in HTML / CSS), create wireframes and mockups, design logos and buttons, or even write the text that appears on the product. In order to understand the customer experience, UX designers can conduct or participate in customer interviews to get a better idea of ??what is important to them and how they perform critical tasks with the product or with alternative methods in usability tests, the design of the scripts, analyzing the results or even carrying out the tests themselves. To immerse yourself in the customer journey and find out which workflows are successful and which narratives encounter obstacles and were. UX designers also define the "visual grammar" for a product by either creating or choosing icons and typography that communicate the brand and give users visual cues that they will become familiar with over time. They also ensure that the language used on the website is relevant and clear to the audience, and is consistent and familiar throughout the customer journey.

Our UI/UX Designing Process At A Glance

Our design process doesn't pay out in a linear order. It lokks more like a windows disk fragmentation diagram. We twist and turn through the design process, looping back  and repeating at least one or more tasks in our work process.


Our UI/UX Professionals Are Experts In…

Analysing User Behaviour                                                                     Optmization Experiences And                                                                    Extensive testing And

accross different devices                                                                         Interactions For The Users                                                                               Analytics