Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content is KING and Context is QUEEN. No matter how well a website is designed with good aesthetics and structure, unless the content is relevant and impressive, you cannot reach the hearts of the user.

Content plays a major role in any medium of advertising and exposure. Words have the power to unveil the true magic of beauty and essence of a concept. It is very essential that a website carries a true message of its business through its design, structure and content.

Our team is flexible to create high end technical documentation like developing user manuals, case studies, white papers, other official and confidential documents. We also have the flair to create promotional write-ups like e-mailers, newsletters, press releases, articles, blogs and brochure content. Above all, our content is well written and suits your business needs and meet the optimization criteria for better place in search engines results.

Content Development Focus:

  •    Website Content Writing
  •    Promotional Writing
  •    SEO Writing
  •    Content Editing
  •    Technical Writing
Content Strategy Where do you start?
Successful content marketing begins with a content strategy tailored to your situation and needs. We learn about you, your business, your competition and your target audience, then create a comprehensive content roadmap to achieve your goals.
Content marketing’s purpose is to attract, engage and acquire your target audience. But that doesn’t just happen. Every business is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach for effective content marketing. A focused content strategy – geared to your company, competitive situation, business environment and needs – becomes your path to establishing credibility, creating customers and driving sales.
After auditing your current content and analyzing your SEO situation, your Google-certified Brandpoint content strategist will create a comprehensive content strategy and calendar document that recommends specific content tools, timing and actions for reaching your goals.
Most clients understand the importance of a sound content strategy, but they need details on what’s included. Here’s a snapshot of content strategy services Brandpoint provides.
Initial Research
We do all the up-front research needed to drive your content marketing. Initial research includes:
Keyword Research: The words customers use to find you online
Target Audience: Buyer personas and demographics
Competitive Analysis: Content found, social reach/activity, search ranking
A complete written strategy becomes your roadmap to content success
Development Strategy
We recommend and outline the types of content that will work best as owned media to help achieve your content marketing goals. Options include website content (from category content to product content and more), blogging, social media content, articles, e-books, whitepapers, landing pages, visual content such as infographics, as well as other marketing content unique to you. Also provided:
  • Content Calendar: Including content themes and topics: 
  • SEO Benefits and Best Practices
  • Benchmarking Strategy
  • Themes and Topic Generation
  • Distribution Strategy
Your content is only as valuable as the number of new eyes that see it. We outline additional strategies and techniques using paid media to get more of your target market viewing your content.
  •    Content Amplification Strategies
  •    Sponsored Content Recommendations
  •    MAT Release Insights
  •    Social Promotion Techniques
  •    Inbound and Outbound Marketing Recommendations

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