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Case Studies

JewelsBox - Gold & Diamonds

Jewels Box is a modernistic brand famed for wedding jewellery and bridal jewellery in Lucknow. PWS Group of Companies has its entire package of unique & exquisite jewellery design collection. Keeping the knowledge, passion and experience in mind, jewels Box owns the most exclusive collection of jewellery filled with trust and purity.
Jewelsbox had three campaign goals to accomplish between October 2020 and April 2021:
  • Build brand awareness among the residents of Lucknow specifically females.
  • Showcase their products to the targeted audience.
  • Increase interest of people in their Schemes and Offers.
Social Media Platform of Choice – Facebook

Facebook is social media platform with the highest ROI in terms of paid advertising. Compared to other similar social media sites, users are more likely to click more ads they see in their Facebook feed, making it a highly beneficial place to invest your advertising budget.

JewelsBox invested a daily budget of 300 per day in their social media advertising plan.

The Result of Our Work

In six month’s time, JewelsBox grew their social media presence to become the second largest traffic driver to their website, just behind organic searches. Facebook also became Jewels Box’s fastest growing social channel for driving traffic to their website and increase their website.

Additionally, total users shot up more than 12.6k% percent from the previous year to the current year. Social media advertising contributed to an additional 22,500 users for JewelsBox.

The Jewels Box’s entire social media campaign generated more than 370,000 impressions with a total reach of over 196032 unique visitors. When talking about social media, it’s important to remember that reach is a better number to track since reach only tracks unique views, unlike impressions that counts every time a person views an ad as a new view. Of those visitors, more than 3,600 clicked on the Jewels Box Advertisements.

The Jewels Box’s entire social media campaign targeted about 262,020 female residents of Lucknow which contributes to 94% of the total targeted audience and 17,271 male residents summing up to 6% of the audience. The social media campaigns targeted the audience mainly of age group 18-45.