Aug 12, 2021
Search Engine Optimization
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Website maintenance  is the process of keeping a regular check on your website to make sure that it complies with the updated requirements and relevancy. We need website maintenance services at regular intervals to ensure security and adaptability of the website. This boosts SEO of the site and improves the search engine ranking. All businesses, big and small should possess an updated website to engage with their consumer.

Why do we need a website?

With the onset of technological development over decades, consumer behaviour has also evolved. You need to pace up with the updates and which is why having a website for your brand is mandatory. It helps in creating brand awareness and showcases your products and services to prospective customers. Following are the reasons you must have a website:

1. Displays your products and services

A website helps in showcasing your brand to potential customers and leads you to higher profits and a large target audience. Also, you can add your awards, recognitions, testimonials, offerings and anything that levitates your brand value and increases your goodwill.

2. Increases your ROI

When you create a website for your business it automatically leads to maximising your profits and return on investment as it gives you the target consumers. With thousands of tools offered by a website, you can have great returns with minimal cost.

3. Customer expectations

Today most of the audience prefer online platforms for any service. No one has time for traditional methods and they want things available in one click. This means your customers expect you to have a website so that it can be economical in a sense of time and effort.

4. Expands your business globally With The Help Of Website

Anyone in search of akin products will just be one click away from your business. A website is a digital platform that displays your brand on the web whenever a prospective customer searches for relevant services that your business offers.

5. Makes you a competition

When your website showcases your products online you become a competition for other businesses who are in similar industries. An optimized website can increase your rank and traffic by bidding accurate keywords.


What all constitutes Website Maintenance Services?

1.    Quick loading website

2.    Check that no errors appear while site loading

3.    Keep all the plugins and softwares updated

4.    Refurbish the UI/UX

5.    Malware / Hack Detection

6.    Keep a backup for the data on the website

7.    Check if there are any broken links and fix them

8.    Check out all forms and ensure there’s no glitch

9.    Keep updating blogs consistently to engage with the audience and make sure that they come back

10.  Check that the site is mobile-friendly

11.  Remove spam comments from posts on the site

12.  Make sure that the website doesn't show “Error 404”- Page not found

13.  Proper management of hosting accounts.


Why do we need Website Maintenance Services?

Having a well-organized website is extremely important for a business so that it does not miss out on any prime opportunity for their business because of a small glitch or loophole. A professional agency providing Website Maintenance services can help you ease this process, so that you focus on principal activities of your business.  

                   We’re aware that vehicles need to get regular service for improved functioning and long life. Likewise, a website should also get website maintenance services regularly so that the website is secure, handles significant traffic and boosts traffic return.


Following are the reasons why one should never overlook getting website maintenance services for their business:-


1.Increased Security

Security is a fundamental factor when we talk about website maintenance. If your site is hosted on a CMS, like WordPress,you need to make sure that the site is equipped with the required software packages and the latest security patches. The security of a site also plays a vital role in its SEO.


2.Higher Ranking & Traffic

In order that the search engine yields relevant results, it needs to look out for the most recent content that is easily readable to the crawler.A higher ranking increases visibility and relevancy. Updating the site with important information, revising the content, refurbishing design, removing duplicate pages and fixing broken links helps drive more and more repeat visitors.


3.Drives engagement and builds brand awareness

If a site is not well maintained, it leads to users losing trust in your brand. If you overlook website maintenance, it may hamper your brand awareness. Improvements in user experience encourage the user to spend more time on your site, which reduces the bounce rate. Regular website maintenance can serve a distinguishing factor for your brand, and lead the customer to purchase from you over your competitor.


4.Increased Site Speed

A professional business website needs to be fast and easy to use.  A longer load time is likely to lead customers away from your site. Maintenance optimizes the components that are slowing down the speed. It goes without saying that increased speed is a favourable factor for better SEO.


Website Maintenance may or may not be your priority now but it can definitely distinguish your position amongst the competitors. There are a number of agencies offering website maintenance services.

Squareit  Solutions, Lucknow is a renowned name, which provides extraordinary website maintenance services for your business. We consider multiple factors while analyzing a website and refurbishing the content and design.

Partnering with us takes the burden off your shoulders and we make sure that your website stands at the best quality and keeps up with the pace of time. If your business needs website maintenance services, the team at SquareIt is ready to help. You can reach out to us over phone at 0522-4006199 or drop a mail at [email protected]