May 20, 2022
Online Marketing
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Increasing the quality of your WordPress Seo is vital for generating more traffic and increasing the range of visitors but the problem in this situation is that mostly the SEO guides are way too complicated for freshers to understand and hence in executing those methodologies, errors are bound to happen.

Nevertheless, you just cannot ignore the fact that without the best WordPress Seo practices, it is practically impossible to thrive in the world of clutching competitions. So, these are some of the most simplistic and most efficient guides for working out your WordPress SEO techniques.

It is a guide that will walk you through step by step to the best practices of WordPress Seo and will save your time from the complex and technical stuff that anyone can find hard to understand.

It is very true and popularly said by experts that WordPress is Seo friendly and that is the reason WordPress is a platform highly preferred by a majority fraction for writing blogs and articles.

WordPress automatically plays a great role in making sure that the code and structure it provides to your content are perfectly aligned with the SEO strategies but also apart from that there is a lot more than you can do from your end to make it even more precise and effective.



What is SEO and why is it important?


So, here is just a quick intro to something you must already be familiar with- SEO. It stands for search engine optimization and it is a collective term for multiple techniques and strategies that are used to generate more traffic to a website and increase its ranking over search engines.

It is important because, without proper SEO techniques, your content will remain lost in the infinite space of the Internet. SEO uses search engine integration to improve the ranking of your website which can make you more visible and reachable to the population on the Internet.

SEO uses a lot of techniques like using keywords, URL mapping, meta titles and pictures which when combined with your content can surely result in improving its ranking and help you get listed among the top search results in the search engine result pages(SERPs).


SEO Plugins in WordPress


Plugins are additional tools that can help your WordPress site to become better and multifunctional. Without plugins, it is impossible to make a WordPress website highly useful and easy to use.

But before knowing the importance of plugins, you need to understand what plugins are and what they do with the WordPress website.

A plugin is a piece of software which plugs into your WordPress website. It is just a small software which is easy to install on your existing website and it is installed because it increases the functionality of your website or sometimes the purpose of installing plugins is to increase the existing functionality of your website.

These are the basic examples of what plugins can do and where they can be used in your WordPress.


  • Plugins can be used to make content shareable over WhatsApp directly from the website. The visitor can use the installed plugin on your website to directly access the content and share it with other people.


  • There are plugins that help the customer or visitor to direct them to the payment gateway with secure perimeters.


  • Plugins can be used to book online appointments. Now users can use those plugins to directly fix a schedule with a doctor and the data from that plugin is automatically stored in your database in a systematic and safe way which makes this a hassle-free and easy process for both the user and the website owner.


How to use plugins in WordPress?


There is more than one way of adding plugins to your WordPress website. The best part about adding plugins is that you can add as many as you want depending on your need and finding or installing those plugins is a very simple and instant process.

You can simply add a plugin from your dashboard or you can also use the WordPress plugin directory which has an ample amount of plugins available over there. Moreover, you can also install the plugins from a third party.

The advantage of using plugins from the original WordPress directory is just that they can be installed in a single click whereas plugins from a third party have to be installed manually using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client.


Which is the best  WordPress SEO plugin?


In all of the wide range of options available for plugins, how to decide which plugin to be added for the best functionality of your WordPress website.

Since every plugin can perform a different function, will it be good to install a large number of plugins? To answer these questions, here we have mentioned the two most common and highly preferred plugins which serve as the best multi-functionality plugin for a WordPress SEO plugin


  • All in One SEO ( AISEO ) is the original WordPress Seo plugin used by more than 3 million websites.


  • Yoast SEO is also one of the most widely and renounced plugins used by all the leading WordPress Seo websites which have received considerable appreciation from SEO experts.


Checklist for WordPress SEO


There are many more ways that must be used in order to get to the best optimisation of the WordPress Seo features available. Here is a checklist you must cover when you are working on your WordPress Seo techniques:


  • Use the best multifunctional plugins for your website which can make your website easy to access and sharable.


  • Without plugins, you can also implement a lot of steps and use features which WordPress provides so make sure you use the offered features of the platform in the best way possible for your website.


  • Check your website's visibility setting and make sure that it has not been restricted to any search engine. You can do this easily by going into the Admin area of your WordPress site and visiting Settings >> Reading page


  • Use SEO friendly URL structure in WordPress

 Example of SEO friendly URLs are:



Now you can observe that their URLs are readable and the user can get an idea about where these URLs are going to redirect. This improves the WordPress SEO readability and helps in increasing traffic.



  • Add XML sitemap in your WordPress

The XML sitemap is a uniquely formatted file that lists every single page on your website.

Adding XML sitemap does not help in improving the ranking but it helps the pages of your website to be easily approached by web crawlers and get them listed quickly in search engines before ranking them.




What you have read above are some of the most simplistic and very easily executable options for your WordPress SEO site. These are not technical wizards who use these options, you just need to have a very basic idea about what WordPress Seo sites offer so you can consume the functionality properly.

These small steps will surely let you improve the WordPress SEO strategies and can earn you higher visibility and conversion rates in a shorter time. There is a lot more you can do on WordPress SEO since the platform offers plenty of features.

You can go and explore them, find out what's best for your business and combine them with the basics that you have gathered here to create an even more enormous impact and get the best out of the WordPress SEO.