May 16, 2022
Online Marketing
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The use of social media networks to grow an organisation's online presence is known as social media optimisation (SMO). It is basically using all your social media contacts to your organisation's advantage in order to kick-start your reach and build a wide range of accessibility.

Social Media Optimization is also an integral part of digital marketing strategy which can be used for optimizing your online contacts, boosting your web presence, spreading awareness about different products and services, establishing new connections with customers and eradicating foul or damaging news related to your brand.

There are many popular and widely used social media platforms that can be used for SMO like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest.


How does Social Media Optimization work?

Over the years, Search Engine Optimization is considered the standard for digital marketing but lately many other tools have come to the fore along with Search Engine Optimization.

Although, SEO and SMO have very similar goals and functions likewise where it is responsible to increase your visibility on the different web pages of different websites which leads to generating more web traffic for your website.

The basic difference is that SEO uses various digital tools like keywords and backlinks while SMO uses your social media network to build the quality and quantity of your web traffic.

There are various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest which are used to obtain leads and increase your connections in SMO.

It navigates users from these social media platforms to your organisations website for further details about the products and services that you offer.

This results in increasing your web traffic and you get more visitors on your web page who are seeking similar products which is why it is essentially called social media optimisation because it optimally uses your connections and platform to benefit your business.


Social Media Optimization strategies

There are various internet-based tools to incorporate into the social media platforms that many organisations use in order to increase their reach and improve their delivery of content.

These tools allow you to access creating the best content that obtains engagement from the visitors and you can initiate a fun interaction with them by reacting to their comments, messages, and shares.

Loomly, Agorapulse, Buffer, Sprout Social and PromoRepublic are some very popular social media management tools which help you strategise your content accordingly so that you can get the desired results from your posts.

 Any social media platform provides you to share your content which further gets shared via your connections and helps you in achieving broad reach.

There are some other strategies related to SMO like viral marketing or chain marketing which are also great ways to optimally use your social media platforms.

It increases your visibility on various platforms which eliminate the factor of you relying on the web users to find your content all by themselves.

So, this is how you can strategise your social media optimisation to benefit your organisation to its best.


Techniques for Social Media Optimization


  • Focus on keywords

When you are into digital marketing then you need to understand all the contributing factors that can build or break your web traffic.

Keywords are the most crucial part of your content that if used accurately can get you maximised results. Try and focus on keywords you incorporate to enhance your social media analytics.


  • Quality content

No matter how much you enhance and better your post by using digital and internet-based tools you need to first create quality content. It should be original and creative and does not include any third-party copyrights.

Your content should catch readers' attention and you need to be consistent in uploading.


  • Merge your website and social media account

Your website and social media platform are two different aspects of digital marketing that you need to integrate in order to get the best results. It will promote your brand and boost your online presence by increasing your web traffic and visitors.


  • Build your followers

When your organisation has an account on any social media platform like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then you need to grow your followers there.

Just creating an account is not enough you need to maintain your follower base. It can really enhance and influence your rankings on the web.


Difference between SMO and SMM

Social Media Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Optimization is an extensive process where you use your social media networks to build connections and increase your web traffic for your brand’s website.

Social Media Marketing is a long-term process where you focus on uploading updates, campaigns, customer service, and brand promotions.

Social Media Optimization is not integrated and is a separate process in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing starts where Social Media Optimisation ends.

The major factors in SMO include increased visibility, tagging and bookmarking, rewarding inbound links, content mobility, and promoting ventures.

The major factors in SMM include research, review and report, address queries, anatomy impact and enhancing opportunities.

SMO deals in optimising your website via your social media contacts which helps in increasing your web traffic.

SMM is simply responsible for improving your social media engagement by making your visitors interested in your brand.