May 16, 2022
Online Marketing
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Google Add is Google's online advertising program which allows you to create online ads to reach audiences that are interested in the product and services you provide. Google's Ads platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising which means you have to pay every time visitors click your ad.

Google Ads is a highly successful online marketing prodigy, which revolutionized the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising sphere nearly two decades ago. It includes brief advertisements, service offerings, and products listening or videos to web users.

 It places ads both on the Google search engine i.e Google search, non-search websites, mobile apps and videos.


Benefits of investing in Google Ads


  1. Cost-effective

Google Ads gives you freedom of controlling your cost which means it totally depends on you how to spend your money, per month, per day, per ad, you have to only pay when someone clicks your Ads.

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of Google add that you don't have to risk large amounts of money.

There's also no minimum monthly amount required to have an ads campaign which is also less financially risky than other advertising methods. Google ads give its users a lot of opportunities to control their costs by following methods:

  • how much do you spend and how large are your bids
  • stop advertising by the press of a button
  • control convention and campaign goals

With many campaign settings and bidding options, companies using Google ads can achieve fabulous results with varying budgets.



  1. Targets your ads

Targeting your ads gives you the ability to show your ads to reach people with specific interests. Google Ads has a different method of targeting which includes the following.

  • Keywords: Google ads use words or phrases relevant to your product and services, which are used to show your ad when customers search for those terms.
  • Ad location: It shows your ad on google search results pages and websites that are part of the Google search and display network.
  • Age and location: Google ads choose the age location and language of your clients.
  • Time-frequency: Google ads advertise your products for certain period of time which may be hours or days or weeks. It depends on your budget


  1. Manage your campaign

Google ad offers you tools so that you can manage your ads and account. If you manage multiple Google Ads accounts, my client centre (MCC), a manager account is a powerful tool that could save your time.

 It lets you easily view and manage all of your Google ads accounts from a single location. You can also manage your Google Ads account offline with Google ads editor, a free, downloadable desktop application that allows you to quickly manage changes in your account.

With Google ads editor you can download your account information, edit your campaign offline, and then upload your changes to your Google Ads.

You can use Google Ads editor to view, manage, and edit, multiple accounts at the same time, and copy and move items between ad groups and campaigns.


  1. Quick results

Search engine optimization is still the backbone of most visited sights. The post and pages you see on page one aren't just well written with carefully researched words i.e they are also on sites that have amassed a large number of backlinks over time.

It could be years before you get to see your own page, some businesses will never see it.

Google ads support your organic SEO strategy as organic SEO still requires time and effort and monitoring regardless of whether you are running a PPC campaign.

SEO takes time and it can take years to get to your website ranking well, once it does, you don't need to pay-per-click.

Google ads can give positive results in hours or days but you have to pay for those leads.Google Ads allows you to test different keywords to see if they generate leads and sales. You can then use these keywords to benefit your organic strategy.


  1. Brand awareness

Brand awareness means Reinforcing your brand name, personality, reputation etc. All means are necessary to build trust in your clients. The more you repeat these things more strong your brand will become and you gain more trust from prospects.

Trust will lead your brand to purchase more and more customer and their loyalty.

Google Ads are not just pay-per-click ads on search engines.

They are more versatile than that. Through ads search network, if the potential clients are not clicking the Ads you need not worry because they see your brand name, your tagline and what you offer to your clients.

Through the ads display network, you can even prioritise brand awareness by choosing to show your ad to more people. Then focus on clicking on conversion.


  1. Levels competition

One of the greatest results of Google add is it levels the competition.

A large company with a larger budget can achieve more horizontally results with Google Ads while small businesses can take advantage of very targets niches instead of companies advertising their needs to optimise their ad ranks and ad quality to have a chance of getting the most wanted ad spot.

Higher scores mean that even smaller companies may acquire top ranking for their ads if their campaign and landing space are correctly optimised.

Not advertising on Google ads may not only hurt you even if you are reaching a great deal of organic traffic, but your competitor's ads on those keywords valuable to you might also decrease the overall traffic you gain from search results.


  1. Google analytics


One of the most important benefits you get from Google ads is analysis plays a massive part in using Google Ads and its optimisation for greater performance. All results you get from advertising whether Google search or display ads, lead you to be always on top of what you are getting out of your ad.

Analysing your results from ads is made straightforward and easy to understand for beginners. The more capability you have for utilising data in your business the more benefit you get in your business.

Connecting to Google Analytics helps your account to see further performance of ads through measuring behaviour metrics. For example, you could use behaviour metrics to see how your customer uses your sites from different keywords and other targeting options.

You might use it as a new opportunity to find out where you lack and where you succeed. Thus, the gained data will help to boost your sales.




This is all you should know about google ads if you want to advertise your brands products and services as a marketer. It is very beneficial for any business and helps in maximising your profits by growing your potential customers and converting them to final sales.