May 01, 2022
Search Engine Optimization
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When one website is linked to a page of another website is what we call a backlink. It is the connection between two websites via the usage of external links. Backlinks are also known as inbound links or incoming links. It also plays a crucial part in search engine optimization. Backlinks are important for any website because it depicts the vote of confidence from a different website to your website. Therefore, it is a valuable tool for search engine optimization. In other words, backlinks are like a vouch from other websites that they do for your website which your receive as signals from search engines. The more your webpage or website gets backlink the more vouches it gets which means the search engines will consider it worth linking to which will increase its worth on surfacing it on the search engine results page (SERP). Consequently, more backlinks on your page or website will affect its worth positively in ranking position and search result visibility. 
It is a great way to enhance your rank and make your website visibility large which means more traffic and prospective customers can reach your website. But will the pros there are some cons that are backlinks can be time-consuming and any new websites that have an unlimited keyword footprint will find difficulty in link building with other websites. Here comes into play the competitive backlink research. You don't need to get confused as there are many aspects of backlinks. Your website needs to be uptight to have full utilisation of all the advantages of backlinks. Once you master all the details of backlink including competitive backlink research your website will outshine and give optimal results. You just need to understand the algorithm that works behind backlinks.  

Types of backlinks?


Guest blogging backlinks:

It is one of the easiest ways to acquire backlinks. When you upload a blog on any other website you get a chance to add an editorial backlink to your content and by doing this you can build trust via other publications. Now, you can build valuable guest blogging sites and outreach for it. You can also outsource your site if you cannot manage time. 

Editorial backlinks

This is another way to obtain visitors via backlinks. Editorial backlinks mean when some established website wants to link to your high-end content. The primitive goal is to share their work with people and get support. 

Relationship-based backlinks

As the suggests, this works on the basis of your relationship with any webmaster or journalist who prefers to refer to the content of your website for strong sources. This is a variation of editorial backlinks and a great way to link building. 

Acknowledgement backlinks:

It is another way of acquiring backlinks via acknowledgement for the work you have done for any agency. This works like when you sponsor any industry event or are involved in public speaking then you will get a backlink. SEO tools provided here can help you give insight into your competitors and strategize accordingly. 

Free tools backlinks:

You can get high-end sites to get connected to your website by using free tools backlinks. You should start with creating a free tool that can recognize sites for you then you can use guest blogging outreach to connect to their webmaster. 

Badge backlinks:

Badges are the awards and recognitions that any website gets through different sites and are considered a status symbol. When you start building links with these awarded websites then you will also be considered trustworthy by your audience. So, badge backlinks are a great way to strengthen your goodwill. 

Comment backlinks:

This works on the basis of comments. When you add a comment to a blog you have an option to add a link to that comment but you should be mindful about this backlink as it can affect negatively spammers. But if you do commentary on high-quality blogs then it will increase your website's visibility. 

Press release backlinks:

The last type of backlink is the press release backlink. It builds a strong foundation in the marketing industry and you can acquire backlinks from media outlets and can get recognised solo towards your site. 

How to get backlinks?

  1. You can find backlink opportunities via top rate referral sources
  2. Build partnerships using outbound links
  3. Receive backlinks using google search console reports
  4. Keep an eye on your potential competitors
  5. Build the broken links to get backlinks
  6. Create and post high-end content that is link-worthy
  7. Try to release skyscraper content 
  8. You can capture backlinks by using infographics
  9. Publish testimonials for other web pages
  10. Use Help A Reporter Out (HARO) to get backlinks
  11. Implement guest blogging on your website
  12. Participate in interviews
  13. Take part in podcasts as a guest appearance
  14. Join in different forums
  15. You can list your website on various resource pages

Does backlink work in 2022? 

Backlinks are loop systems that can never totally fae away. It is link building tool to enhance your ranking on SERP or any other search engine where you at least need to invest in owning a website or creating high-end content. Your website link is eternal, non-changing acceptance for another website, which does not scroll down and get away like any social media post but it is everlasting and in reach of everyone on the web. Besides, when you link other web pages on your website people can click that link via your website for further information. 
So, backlinks still matter in 2022. But with the changing dynamics of google’s algorithm, definitely have affected the essence of backlink in the past decade. It does work in 2022 but experts tell that as time goes on and on backlinks will lose their importance. 


Hence, backlinks are a worthy tool to enhance and increase your website traffic. It helps in increasing your visibility by showing your top results but with time backlink is slowly dropping its essence with changing scenarios of search engine optimization and google algorithms.