Dec 06, 2021
Digital Marketing
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In 2016, when Jio was launched in India it set the benchmark for Digital Marketing in India as now the internet was available to everyone in India at a very affordable price. Expectedly this gave many people access to the internet where people were exploring new things using internet media. As per the estimation, there would be over 650 million internet users in India by 2023 and 560 million people accessed the internet in 2020. Since 2016 then Digital Marketing Agencies have been evolving at a very fast pace to match the trends of digital marketing.

Some of the trends that are being observed currently are as follows-


1. Growing Voice Search Influence-

The growing influence of visual search has forced many companies to reconsider their Digital Marketing Strategies because as per the data 58% of consumers use the voice search method to find local businesses and around 1 billion voice searches take place every month.

Voice search makes the consumers' work easier and faster where google assistants 1 million actions and Alexa’s 100,000 skills make the experience more satisfactory which demands Digital Marketers to formulate strategy accordingly to add more value to the experience and at the same time using medium to market particular product or service.


2. Marketing using video campaigns-

In today's world where everyone wants to collect more information without giving much effort, the video form of marketing acts as a boon for Digital Marketing Agency where with the help of video the campaigns could be more effective and eye-catching. The platforms where video campaigns could effectively be initiated are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc. among them YouTube is considered to be the best platform for video campaigns with a huge audience base. 


3. 5G Technology-

A world where day electronic devices especially mobile have become one of the most important parts of life and without it, many days to day work could not be completed. As the consumption of mobile phones increases so do the expectation. Hence the mobiles are now up with 5G or the fifth generation of mobile technology. The 5G technology would help the millions of rural consumers with its high-speed data lanes where they would be selling their products.

5G is equipped with the following features-

  • 1-millisecond latency.
  • 1000x bandwidth per unit area.
  • Up to 100x number of connected devices per unit area.
  • 99.999% availability.
  • 100% coverage.


4. Conversational Marketing

Traditional Marketing used to take place in a formal language where terms like “ma’am” and “sir” were used. But nowadays sales and customer service reps and bots are chatting through instant messages. The interaction with bots is like a friend which makes a person more comfortable and open to put his/her views forward which helps companies to know customers more. Sometimes this technology may not work up to the mark because customers don’t want to talk to someone who is following the script or being repetitive. Hence, the technology needs more upgrades to cope with customers' expectations.


5. Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel Marketing fulfills customers' needs by giving them convenience and accessibility. Customers want to interact with the brand with the sources they are comfortable with. This could be easily understood from the example that if a person is using Instagram frequently but the brand demands him to be on Facebook to connect with them. Then, in this case, a company would have a maximum chance of losing its future customer. The scenario could have been different if a company had marketed itself on multiple channels. Hence, the presence of a company on multiple channels helps them to increase their reach and presence which helps them to connect with different people who could be their future customers. Best Digital Marketing Agencies help the companies going online which also includes handling their channels on multiple platforms. Squareit is one among these Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow which helps you in every aspect related to internet.