Dec 22, 2020
Search Engine Optimization
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Search engine Optimization: its take time to look after what the strategy of SEO Professionals in 2021? SEO strategy should be make under customer aspects like “is content is really useful? “, “brand is trustworthy?” or, “website is easy to use? “ (Especially according to SEO terms).  Search engine optimization  (SEO): is an effective way of getting consumer in organic way with digital platforms.  SEO is constantly transmogrified; staying on first page or on top is a big challenge.  Many companies focused on organic reach instead of paid campaign.
All top SEO Company attentive towards the matrices which include traffic, backlinks and social shares - 

 Voice Search:

Voice search is now trendy and its very innovative as we know craze about Google Assistants , Amazon’s Alexa , Voice Search technology is taking large place in the search Queries. In fact prediction says its take 55% in 2022.
To optimize your voice search for your website  First consider your keywords and make it as people usage in everyday conversation. Voice searches moreover natural sound phrases.  For example  a person voice search may be “SEO  Trends in 2021?”  instead ofWhat are the new SEO trends for 2021?”

Mobile friendly Website:

Mobile friendliness will surely impacting to the search engine rankings. In 2019 Google disclose out mobile-First indexing meaning Google primarily focused on mobile version of a website.  Approx. 75% of users will access the internet by mobile by 2025. SEO factors include mobile friendliness when website is going to be live.  Google Search console include report “Mobile Usability”
To ensure that your website is user friendly you have to ensure the your pages should be crawled by the bot and also make sure use of robots  file . or  disallow directive in place.  Also make sure that user wont load pages on  your website . beware of lazy loaded content.

3. Long-form contents:

According to SEO Professionals “content plays a very important role in SERPs ranking.  Recent updates focused on quality of content and   long form content to achieve higher search rankings.  Now the long form article achieves more backlinks   instead   of average length of article like 900 to 12000 words. The main aim is to provide a quality contents to the users with sharable contents which engage your users.
Want to write engaging contents? Make it simple and understandable. Use Heading tag which makes more scannable to your contents. Heading and sub- heading makes your contents more affective and easy to understand especially on mobile and the last but not the least link your blog to authoritative sources which improves your authority score.

Featured snippets:

Featured snippet is the short snippet of the contents that appears at the top of Google search results in order to quickly answer the search queries.  Google make it in existence 2017 which are a sort of shortcut to gaining prominence in Google.
Featured snippet is the great way to rank high on Google first page. Snippets gives more traffic to the websites and steal a large traffic from your competitors.
Featured Snippet gives short information it may be news , Q/A or information about certain things in brief. To create snippet you can use people also ask for inspiration.

For effective SEO strategy video must be included:

For a SEO analyst you must know the importance of YouTube platform. YouTube acquire large traffic and it has more than 1 billion users. If you aren’t convinced yet making Youtube Videos for your brand. Here are the bunch of thought which may give the basic on how importance of video in now a days. According to cisco, Video is projected to surpass all other content forms in terms of consumption.
For making good content you have to put your foot in viewer shoe to understand whether your content is engaging or not basically in simple terms you have to make your contents useful as well as engaging so that it shares more and more. And yes you have to always made little thing more focused such as your title description and thumbnail which helps you to compete with your competitors.