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24 January 2021
shivam mehta Social Media Marketing


7 Ideas To Promote Your Instagram Page And Get Instant Organic Followers.

Can Instagram makes you POPULAR? If so then you have to know some ideas about it. In this article, we will tell you about the practically implemented ideas to promote your Instagram page in an organic way. If you practice these ideas on regular basis then you can get followers instantly. Instagram marketing and Promotion Services. First thing you should keep in mind that why are you creating an Instagram page.

Before sharing my ideas I would like to say: these activities or ideas should regularly be implemented to your Instagram page or account. Ideas to promote your Instagram page and get instant organic followers are:

1.     Be Comfortable to make Instagram Reels – After banning TikTok in India on 9 September 2020, the content on Instagram Reels rapidly increases. If you are uploading content on Instagram reels then there is a chance to grow your Instagram page or account rapidly as compared to normal posts on Instagram. By analyzing today’s scenario, peoples are more engaged to short video content or sometimes to long video content.

2.     Make your profile or page search friendly – Make sure you keep your profile details updated and put related content in your bio so, that Instagram bots can read your content and put your or account on the top results. Your profile information should be attractive and relatable to your user; this activity will help you to increase a good number of followers.

3.     Focus on IGTV content – Make IGTV videos or series on your Instagram page to create loyalty-based content for your followers. Instagram marketing and Promotion Services

This activity creates loyalty in the minds of a person who is new to your page or account. Creating IGTV’s will help you to grow fast as compared to normal posting on your Instagram page.

4.     Use Different platforms to share your Instagram page or content – After posting content or post on your Instagram page or account you have to also share the same content on different platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Social sharing websites like Tumblr, Digg, etc. This activity will help you to grow your page in an organic way and you can also capture new followers or users to your Instagram page.

5.     Create an Instagram story and question polls – Create creative stories on your Instagram page or account so, that users engage with you and interact with you. Instagram poll votes or question polls are the best way to engage with your followers and it also makes your page updated.

6.     Use proper hashtags in your posts – You should focus on hashtags which are related to your Instagram page, this activity helps you to gain new followers because when you use relatable hashtags then-unknown user can also interact with your page. Instagram marketing and Promotion Services

Before mentioning keywords in your posts research them properly by seeing completion in your nice.

7.     Use memes related to your niche which is in trend – Before using memes on your Instagram page, research it properly so, that users or followers can relate to it. Memes ideas work when you properly hit the emotion of the meme in your post related to your niche or Instagram page.

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