08 Aug 2020
Saman Ahsan Digital Marketing

In India, currently 35% of Indian population has access to the internet. And according to the some reports of govt. of india, the internet penetration rate is expected to reach above 55% by the end of 2025.Now india has placed to the top rank of the countries who browse more. 50% of household in the India having at least one smart phone. With the convenience and the ease of browsing on a mobile device.

It's not surprise that more than 60% of total traffic comes from mobile users. some websites look great on a desktop or laptop, browsing on mobile requires completely different features. The mobile screen is small so text need to be easy to read.Many businesses forget about the importance of making their site mobile-friendly and therefore make it harder for over half their viewers to interact with their website.


There are many reasons your website must be mobile-friendly.

Every one is on mobile.

The majority of the total traffic of Internet comes through mobile. If a individual is looking for a product or services, he/she visits to your website and your website is not mobile friendly or the design is not compatible so he/she will jump to other site.

That's why mobile friendly website is important to grow a bussiness. Your best bet is to make the small investment in pay monthly websites which will optimise the design for you for the best results.

Stay compitetive

If your competitors have mobile-friendly sites and you don’t, you have always fear of losing your customers/audience. You can almost bet that others in your niche have already made the switch to a design that works best with mobile.


If you want to get more traffic than your competitors and users spend so much time by their mobiles or Social Media apps. The best way to increase your reach through shares. Making your website to easy to share on social media platforms will definitely hepls you to reach. If more people share your content or product, the more new users will automatically direct to you.