May 26, 2022
Online Marketing
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Youtube is an online video sharing platform which helps you create content for your channel in order to get more views, increase your visibility, become reachable and drive conversions.

 It is an excellent platform that can really ace your business with the different tools and features that it provides. Youtube is very cost-effective that does not burn a hole in your pocket especially when you own a small business.

You can use youtube to promote your brand, interact with your viewers, showcase your products and services, address customer questions and depict your office life.

Increasing the quality of your youtube Seo is vital for generating more traffic and increasing the range of visitors but the problem in this situation is that mostly the SEO guides are way too complicated for freshers to understand and hence in executing those methodologies, errors are bound to happen.

 Nevertheless, you just cannot ignore the fact that without the best youtube Seo practices, it is practically impossible to thrive in the world of clutching competitions. So, these are some of the most simplistic and most efficient guides for working out your youtube SEO techniques.

 It is a guide that will walk you through step by step to the best practices of youtube Seo and will save your time from the complex and technical stuff that anyone can find hard to understand.

10 Steps To Use Youtube SEO For Freelance Business

The following are steps that any freelancing business can incorporate using youtube SEO.

  1. Recognise your target keyword

Youtube search engine optimisation is extremely helpful when it comes to targeting the exact audience that you are seeking for your brand. It gives access to many digital tools like keyword research, on-topic search, relevant leads, remarking, affinity audience, and In-market prospects which results in targeting the goal you set.

When you identify your target keywords you are already done with the initial step in the content creation process. It is vital to be mindful of keyword targeting from the very beginning of the content development as later this will help your youtube video rank and increase your visibility.

If you do not focus on keyword research in the beginning then you might lose a chance to help your video and it will cost negatively later. Also, you need to keep in mind that whatever keywords you are using should be worthy and people should be searching those keywords because there is no point in using keywords if people do not search for them.

You can use various keyword platforms to enhance your keyword research like TubeBuddy or SEMRush as it will help in choosing the right keyword for your content which will improvise your post and it will help you get the desired results.

  1. Create titles

You should create a title that is relevant to your content and that people can actually find informative. The title of the video should be depicting the data you are providing in the video.

The title is the first thing your viewer watches and it can be a huge influential point for anyone to keep watching or leave your video. The title of the video decides many views and how interactive your content is for people.

You should not consider it as a one-liner that cannot influence your views but actually, it has the tendency to make or break your video. It does not matter how much good quality content you upload it depends on the title of the video and whether people will watch it or not.

Youtube search engine optimisation is very interactive as compared to other advertisement platforms. It engages the audience by conducting surveys and displaying relevant ads that they are searching for. This enhances the interactions between the viewers and the brand without actually meeting personally.

  1. Interactive description

The description of the video is like a brief about something that helps people to understand what this content is all about and guides them to whether this is what they are searching for or not. It can be a deciding factor for anyone to watch your video or leave your channel if they did not find it relevant to what they are searching for.

You can have full access to data which has and has not worked in your favour. You can set your goals and be sure that a full analysis of the success and failures will be provided with the help of youtube search engine optimisation.

You can get the details immediately when a user reaches, subscribes or signs up for your product or service.

While other marketing techniques charge you for anything and everything, on the other hand, in this marketing technique, you only got to pay when your set goals have been achieved. It is a very conventional approach for fresh startups and smaller companies that cannot allocate a huge budget to marketing campaigns.

  1. Use hashtags wisely to drive youtube search results

Social Media searches have been greatly affected by the use of hashtags(#). It helps the search to result in content which has used the most relevant hashtags in reference to that category.

You can use multiple hashtags in your video description which can help the users to find relatable content when they are looking for something. It's good to use hashtags but do not overload your content with irrelevant hashtags because in that case, the user will not find your video or content effective.

Use strong hashtags which are trending in the current times and are mostly used by people to look for a specific thing. Tags specifically drive youtube searches because the tags help in making the key trends more visible.

Once you use a hashtag, it is shown above the title of the video and it becomes a hyperlink. You must also understand the technicalities of using hashtags and the right places to put them.

 If you put a hashtag in the title of your content, hashtags from the description won't get displayed in the video title. These little tricks will help you execute your desired plan, otherwise even after using a lot of relevant hashtags, if the placement is not right, it won't produce the desired effect and hence will drive fewer search results to your content.

  1. Relevancy

When you create content for any specific topic then you need to make sure that the content is relevant and it is not absurd. This means that when a viewer searches for What is search engine optimisation?” then your content should show data regarding the same and it should not contain data about Microsoft excel because that will be completely irrelevant to what a viewer has been searched.

You should always focus on creating content which absolutely supports your topic and people find it relevant to what they are searching for.

One of the greatest advantages of YouTube SEO is you have an audience from all over the world. If you speak one language you could reach them by simply expressing your emotions and by subtitles.

 Everyone wants a new audience, the best way is to find them and try new tools and methods. Building an audience is necessary for freelancing businesses you can do it by engaging with your audience, starting with what you know, focus on audience preference, these are some of the ways you can have a large audience which will later know you and your brand.

  1. Decide a video category

  2. When you are searching for a specific video with advanced options, there is an option to search it from the video categories. It is important to classify your video into a category because that increases the chances for the viewers to reach for your video when they are looking for videos of that category.

 Youtube has a wide range of categories available for posting videos so it's rather easy to find a category that fits your video. Take your time to properly classify the video because if you place it in the wrong category, the users will definitely leave negative remarks hence hindering your goal.

Once you have placed your video in the right category, anytime a user searches for that category, your video will be found in the right place totally justifying the place where it has been found which creates a good image of the content and satisfaction for the viewer.

Some categories of videos that youtube already has are:

- Films and animations

- Autos and vehicles

- Music

- Pete and animals

- Sports

- Gaming

- People and Blogs

- Comedy

- Entertainment

- Education

- News and politics

- Science and technology

- Fashion and style


  1. Customize your thumbnail image

Thumbnails can have both positive and negative effects on your videos. They are the most prior and important source of catching attention when the search results are displayed.

A good relatable or intriguing thumbnail can surely work as a luring element for the viewer to check out your video whereas an irrelevant or inappropriate thumbnail will drive the traffic away no matter how good the content is inside the video.

Thumbnails are a source of the first attraction which gets visible to the user after the search results are displayed. Strong thumbnails usually result in higher watch time which as a result raises your content rating and ranking.

Therefore, it is highly advisable to meticulously design your content so that it can give the best idea of what's going to be inside the video. Creating generalised thumbnails is not proving to be an effective strategy anymore because the number of such thumbnails has flooded youtube.

You need to work on your thumbnail in such a way that it stands out from the crowd and still defines your content very precisely. You should use smart text and images when you are creating your thumbnail. An effective thumbnail with a catchy video title is sure to grab the attention of viewers in a large amount.

  1. Add subtitles and closed captions

Using subtitles and closed captions is also one of the most effective and fruitful techniques for driving youtube search results to your content and maximising your views.

The purpose of subtitles is to convey the language or a translation of that language which has been used in the video.

It can be useful to people who are lesser-known or completely unaware of that language. Suppose if you are making a video in your regional language, then adding English subtitles to it will make it accessible to all the audience to understand the content and enjoy the video whereas Closed captions are for viewers who can't hear the audio.

Overall, it is kind of the same because both subtitles and closed captions contain the text of what is there in the video like a transcript. The file is also comprised of time codes to sync the subtitles with the time when it is being said in the video correctly.

 Time code is necessary to be precise otherwise the content on the video and subtitles displayed are completely different which becomes highly irritating for the user and hence your content is disliked or thrown down in the ranking list.

Another advantage of having subtitles and closed captions is that your video can now be picked by broad search engines.

It is also an easy process to add these elements to your video. You can do it on the video upload screen where you have the option to select the video and video language.


  1. Integrate cards and end screens


They add more relevance to your video by connecting the user to other similar content or content that should be watched right after that video.

Cards are like little icons that appear during a video that can take you to another video. Suppose, the user is watching the second part of a video and he has not seen the first part which was necessary, a card can be added to the second part which can direct the user to the former part which will give the user a better understanding of the whole content. 

End screens are the icons or small screens you see at the end of a video. They help you to jump to another video that falls under the same category or is relatable to the video that the user just finished.

This can help you to improve your rankings as it gives the audience more chances to explore your content or relatable content. It enhances user engagement and increases view time.

  1. Inbound traffic

Without marketing your business on social media, your inbound traffic is limited to your usual customers. With the help of YouTube as a marketing strategy, you can make a new customer circle.

YouTube is a melting pot of different types of people with varying behaviour and background. With different people come different needs and different ways of thinking. By marketing on YouTube, you can effectively open your business to a wider variety of versatile customers all over the world.

The ability to create real human connections that mean meaningful relationship moments is one of the key benefits of YouTube for business. Introducing your followers to people who helped in the making of your business and show them how your existing customers are using your product and getting benefits from your products.

 It's very simple originality, loyalty and authenticity build trust in your customers and in return it gives profit to your business. YouTube is the best place to get real among all social media platforms.

You get the most organic inbound traffic via youtube search engine optimisation and it leads to the obtainment of the desired expected results. This also helps in getting more potential prospects that can be converted into final sales and closed deals.



So, that is how a youtube search engine optimisation can help in freelance business without investing much and burning a hole in the pockets. This is all you should know about the  youtube SEO functioning and you will be good to go. Hopefully, this was informative and fun for you and could be of some use.