Jul 28, 2021
Digital Marketing
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Digital marketing vs traditional marketing

When we talk about the traditional marketing the first thing that comes to our mind is newspaper marketing, display ads and broadcast fax, Newspaper is the first thing by which everybody starts their day and the creative posters helped companies to build their brand awareness and beat the competition of the market. But, now Digital Marketing has destroyed traditional marketing and increasing their market size around the world.

In Traditional Marketing the billboard is widely used by the companies to create their brand awareness among the customers but it doesn’t guarantee that every person who passes through that billboard will grab their attention or not whereas in Digital Marketing you can directly show your offers, services and product to your exact target market which makes the Digital Marketing extremely powerful as compare to Traditional Marketing.

Here are some factors which defines that Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing:

1)Age: In Digital Marketing you can target the age of the customer according the product but in Traditional Marketing you cannot show your ad to only your target audience for example: if you have product related teenagers than through Digital Marketing you can set age between 13-19 years old but whereas in Traditional Marketing your ad will be displayed to every age group person which is irrelevant in today’s world.

2)Interest: To sell your product and services you always want to meet those people who has interest in your product and services then the chances of selling increases by 90% where in Traditional Marketing you cannot find the interest of every person.

3)Demographic: It is the most important factor in every mode of Marketing because it covers education, gender, income of the source, and so on. It helps in segmenting the market that helps the Businesses to understand their customer needs and their expectations effectively. For example if you deal in a women products then through Traditional Marketing you cannot full-fill all terms of demographic factor but through Digital Marketing you can apply demographic segmentaion of marketing fully.

4) Psychographic: In this you learn how to position your product so that customer in need can find you, psychographic helps in finding the customer based on their beliefs, attitude, lifestyles, opinions, values and so on. For example if you have a premium product then the only customer who lives a lavish lifestyle will buy your product easily so you can target your customer easily by Digitally as compare to Traditional marketing.

The most powerful and extremely important point which makes Digital Marketing far better then Traditional Marketing is AB testing. In Traditional Marketing if you design a billboard and people don’t like it but now replacing it will cost you double, where in Digital Marketing you are allowed to design two creatives so if people are disliking your first design then it will automatically change the creative to the next one, which is the benefit of using the AB testing. As you can see there is a lot of advantages of using a Digital Marketing, which everyone can do it and anyone can compete with you.