Feb 23, 2021
Search Engine Optimization
2 Minutes Read

Search Engine Optimization SEO is one of the most important form of  Digital Marketing . Generally SEO is used for improving the searchability and visibility of website’s overall design but what are the 5 most important reasons why your website need SEO ? well, here is your answer

1.  The primary type of website traffic is organic search

The aim of SEO is to improve your website rankings in search engines,Which indirectly targets to gain more and more traffic and converting that traffic into potential customers.

2.  It saves your money

 if your website is not ranking in top 50 or top 100 search lists or its not gaining enough traffic in order to rank you may need to spend money to reach out to potential clients by pay per click ppc or ads which appear just after a search engine result and the possibility of the visitor clicking on it increases but the results after that one or two ads are optimised by google itself in order to provide best content to its visitors and are evaluated by quality of content, web design , backlinking of the page  hence they didn’t spend any money on their traffic gain but the investment in time and money in creating those pages are pretty significant according to google algorithm. So the conclusion is SEO saves you a lot of your money.

3. It helps in finding right target audience for your website

   When users search keywords related to a specific service then google set an algorithm to rank websites providing those services . Your  website is the principal purpose of contact with your audience on the web. It is responsible for the generation of leads,  pull in expected new clients, accomplices or financial backers so finding the right target audience is an important task done by SEO.

4. It helps in increase of your local sales

SEO helps in optimizing the search results by ranking websites by a particular  location hence if you have done good SEO then a good customer base can be built in your particular area thereby increasing your sales.

5. Credibility and trust

The key to building trust and credibility among your potential customers is the high-quality content on several topics which is related to your business also it depends on the character of your web site, trade and the audience you're targeting. Frequency of content as well as the activity is also very important aspect in making your website trustworthy.


As explained in above reasons that search Engine Optimization helps in achieving various number of roles be it brand awareness, organic website traffic or saving money however there can be many more reasons that every big or small or any type of businesses need SEO.