Apr 27, 2021
Search Engine Optimization
2 Minutes Read

5 Reasons why you need a website

Digital ads expenditures are surpassing traditional marketing efforts as everyone is trying to get an edge over their competitors in today’s competitive market by having a strong online presence. Today average consumer will consult 10.4 sources before making a purchase hence you need a well thought out, optimized marketing strategy that includes online, social and mobile components and not just a DIY-website or a Facebook page. Because this is where your customers are searching. So here are top 5 reasons why you need a website

1.Immense rise in Internet users on Smartphones

According to a study over half of the world’s population are using internet on smartphone by 2021. Everything today is on the tip of your hands be it a product available thousands of miles away or suggestions of your favourite food across the city. It doesn’t matter whether you are a small or an unorthodox business you need a website to connect with your regular customers as well as to attract new customers

2.It Can Help You Build Reliability

When it comes to encouraging customers to buy, first impressions are foremost important. Most people won’t recommend a product on a poorly designed mobile website. That’s right customers make decisions to buy or not to buy your product based on the appearance of your website.

 If you want to convey your potential customers that you are a trustworthy and reputable organization, and your products or services are reliable then having a professionally designed, thorough and easy-to-use mobile friendly website can help you to do so.

3.Your Website allows communication with new customers when you are not available

Your website stays open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week unlike your business place, which most probably does not operate or communicate with customers after-hours or Sundays. Having a website allows that even when your employees are not available to interact with people looking to buy your product or services, your website is accessible and able to provide useful information, which advertises and also serve as a point of contact or even allow customers to make purchases or submit orders.

4.  Consumers considers Proximity when searching a product or service

Peoples don’t just browse the Internet to search a product or service provider; more specifically, they visit search engines. Search engine comprises of 93% of online experiences of an individual. And usually half of these searches are for local businesses.

So, it’s important to have a search-optimized company website that can rank well in search engine results. Especially because studies have shown that peoples use their computers or smartphones to search for things that are close to them. In fact, 4 out of 5 customers use search engines for local information. These searches aren’t just acquiring information or surfing the web. most of these searches are for local businesses and when on a smartphone, user either call or visit the place within 24 hours. Having a dynamically designed website allows searchers who are looking for a product or service within close vicinity to discover your business and get in contact with you. This will make sure customers are able to find, and connect with, your business.

5.A Website can help you build your brand image

Social Media these days can pretty much plays a major role in affecting a brand’s image. Reviews of users can be negative or positive also based on your rival’s evil tactics but having your own website you can tell your side of story on it. You get to create and manage content which you think will be helpful for customers ultimately improving your brand’s image.