Stock & Billing

Stock & Billing

Stock & Billing

Programming planned to manage time and charging following similarly as invoicing customers for organizations and things. Charging programming can follow the hours worked by representatives just as costs related to tasks or customers. Most time and charging programming applications also make charging cycle reports to show data, for example, hours worked, costs brought about, the amount to charge customers, and which customers owe cash for explicit undertakings. A digital marketing company in India providing Best web Design, Development Services, Digital Marketing Solutions, Content Writing Solutions and many more.

  • Features
  • Product Master
  • Company / Manufacturer Master
  • Product Stock Master
  • Second Stock Master
  • Customer Ledger & A/C
  • Supplier Ledger & A/C
  • Sales Representative Ledger & A/C
  • Deals Challan/Packing Slip and Invoice Entry
  • Customer’s Reward Points Master
  • Reword Master
  • Product’s Customized Price List
  • Automated Short Book
  • Automated & Forced Expiry Book
  • Purchase Challan & Invoice Entry
  • Buy Multiple Challan To Single Invoice Conversion
  • Buy Related Reports Printing and Export To PDF
  • Deals Multiple Challan To Single Invoice Conversion
  • Deals Challan/Packing Slip and Invoice Printing
  • Deals Related Reports Printing and Export To PDF
  • Client's/Supplier's/Sales Rep's. Transaction Report Printing and Export To PDF
  • Deals/Purchase Tax-Related Reports Printing and Export To PDF.  Like: C Form, J Vat, Etc.
  • Money To Bank and Bank To Cash Management
  • Expense Register
  • Password Protected & Password Change Facility

Medical Billing software is a complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern management of your clinic, hospital or medical practice. It’s an all-in-one software that offers many features that helps in everyday work. It's center segment, electronic medicinal records EMR (electronic patient records), causes you in putting away, continuing, breaking down and altering each and every information on your patients. It comprises a good and flexible way of appointment scheduling, general and individual reminder options, used both for all your employees of just your own. The integrated billing module allows payments in two currencies.  Detailed reports and statistics show your cash flow, management expenses, and income. The coordinated language interpreter causes you to decrypt the language you like to have your product in.

A retail chain is a retail foundation that fulfills a wide scope of the customer's close to home and private strong merchandise item needs; and simultaneously offering the purchaser a decision of numerous product lines, at variable value focuses, in all item classes. Department stores usually sell products including apparel, furniture, home appliances, electronics, and additionally select other lines of products such as paint, hardware, toiletries, cosmetics, photographic equipment, jewelry, toys, and sporting goods. Certain retail chains are additionally delegated markdown stores. Rebate retail establishments usually have focal client checkout territories, for the most part in the front zone of the store. Retail establishments are typically part of a retail chain of numerous stores arranged around a nation or a few nations.

Billing and Inventory Management Software easily manage business accounting details in a computerized format. Highly specialized Accounting and invoicing utility designed for both small scale as well as large-scale enterprises in order to maintain company bookkeeping details in an organized way.

A cost-effective Inventory management tool improves customer satisfaction and helps in analyzing and managing accounting needs in a more efficient manner.

  • Deals Challan/Packing Slip and Invoice Entry
  • Easily create and manage business accounting details in one place in an accurate way.
  • Generates business accounting reports including Sales/Purchase report, Balance sheet, Production reports, Trial balance, Accounts report and other similar accounting reports.
  • Encourage to trade printed reports in PDF and Excel document designs.
  • Provides data connectivity facility to fetch accounting details from the network-connected computer or local drives.
  • The software provides a password-protected facility to prevent unauthorized users to change or modify software configuration settings.
  • Provides data backup and restore facility for future reference (in case of accidental data loss reasons).
  • Facilitate to freeze data by date, so that external users cannot modify accounting records at the selected time period.
  • The accounting software is easy to use with GUI interface.
  • No technical skills are required to understand software features and functionality.