6 Weeks Java

6 Weeks Java


Java is a very powerful object oriented programming language used world over for developing variety of applications. Students pursuing a course on Java have plenty of career options such as take up job as Java programmer, proceed for Sun Java Certification exams and/or learn advanced Java technologies. JAVA IN 6 WEEKS from  Squareit  is a quick fire course that includes all the basics and necessary concepts in Java. This course would give an insight on use of various technologies in J2EE and use of Struts framework to unwind development in large scale projects. Students would get a window view of leveraging Java in the current scenario and also its future applications as well. This training course is designed in line with curriculum used in colleges. The students can opt to continue with industrial training at Squareit too. They would get an Industrial training certificate on successful completion of training for academic records of the college. Squareit  has placement consultancy wing too which can help the students to get jobs. Students pursuing courses at Squareit not only learn the subject, moreover earn an experience certificate to get job assistance.


Course Outlines:

Introduction to Java

  • Features of Java
  • Java Virtual Machine
  • C , C++ & Java : A Comparison
  • Platforms of Java & Versions
  • First Java Program


Data Types, Identifiers and Variables

  • 8 Data Types in Java & Complete Overview
  • Types of Variables, Operators & Statements
  • Reading Input from java.util.scanner class
  • Displaying Output with system.out.printf()
  • Displaying Formatted Output with String Format()



  • Creating Strings
  • String Class Methods
  • String Comparison
  • Immutability of Strings


String Buffer & String Builder

  • Creating String Buffer Object
  • String Buffer Class Methods
  • String Builder Class


Classes & Objects

  • Oops Concepts
  • Creating an Object
  • Initializing an Instance Variable
  • Access Specifiers
  • Constructors & its Types


Methods in Java

  • Method Prototype
  • Static Methods
  • Passing Parameters in Method (Primitives & Objects)


Relationship Between Objects

  • Relating Objects using References
  • Inner Classes


Inheritance & Polymorphism

  • Concept of Inheritance
  • The Keyword ’Super’
  • Abstract Classes
  • Interface
  • Packages


Exception Handling

  • Errors in Java Program
  • Concepts of Exceptions
  • Keywords: Throw & Throws
  • Multiple Exceptions


Database Connectivity

  • Concepts of JDBC
  • Connecting with Different Databases
  • Basics of HTML


Jsp & Servlets

  • JSP Basics
  • Scriplets
  • JSP Tags
  • JSP Directives
  • Servlets- Concept & Use


Multi Threading

  • Single Tasking
  • Multi Tasking
  • Uses of Threads
  • Creating & Running a Thread
  • Multiple Threads on Single Object
  • Thread Class Methods
  • Deadlocks of Threads


Networking in Java

  • TCP/IP Protocol
  • Concepts of Sockets
  • Creating Client that Receive Data
  • Creating Server that Sends Data
  • Two Way Communication



  • Concept of JNDI
  • JNDI Overview Structure
  • Application with Examples



  • EJB 2.x Overview
  • Introduction to JMS
  • JMS Architecture
  • JMS Programming API
  • Steps for writing JMS Client
  • Session Bean
  • Message Driven Bean

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