03 Jun 2017
Google's new ad filter will arrive in 2018
Do you know what the world's biggest seller of advertising would quite like to do? Yep, sit inside your browser and filter out any ads it believes will fail to give you a good experience.
Okay, the unacceptable ads will be determined by the Coalition for Better Ads, which includes Facebook, News Corp and many others, but publishers are entitled to be a bit nervous about Google's Chrome ad filter reducing their advertising options.
According to the Wall Street Jounal, Google says it will introduce the filter next year, giving publishers six months to prepare. The filter is expected to be switched on by default within Chrome on desktops and laptops.
What will be deemed a bad ad? It will likely include autoplay and autosound videos, as well as oversized interstitials. Google says even its own ads may be filtered if they don't adhere to guidelines.