06 Mar 2020

Sitemaps tutorial : Digital Markting company

Google: Only panic About Sitemaps if Your website converge This Criteria
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In SEO, Technical SEO is so necessary now-a-days. For this Squareit soltions share a very useful information which was collected by  the latest episode of Google’s Search Console Training series on YouTube. The video focuses on the basics of how to optimize the sitemaps report in Search Console.
To renew on the latest features in the sitemaps report, Watch : Google Updates the Sitemaps Report in Google Search Console. 
It’s practicable that you’re already intimate with the sitemaps report in Search Console, and may even refer to it on a planned basis for sites you manage. So I’ll shoot to covering some of the higher level items from the video
Sitemaps html

Can Google crawler Find Pages Without a Sitemap?

Usually, if the site is very small and its pages are all properly linked, then Google crawler can find the content easily.
You don’t need to panic about a sitemap,” Niel patel says, before adding, “However, if your site meets one of the following norms, a sitemap might help Google decide what and when to crawl your website.

A sitemap might be especially helpful if:

1.The site is very large
2.The site’s pages are obscure
3.The site is new or changes quickly
Sitemaps Detail

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In these instances a sitemap can serve with directing Google crawler bot toward new content and showing Googlebot where to find particular pages. A sitemap can also be useful to evaluate which content to crawl first, which is helpful for large sites.

No Harm in Having a Sitemap?

Sitemaps works

However Google doesn’t outright recommend that all websites be compulsory to have a sitemap, Squareit Solutions notes there’s no harm in having one.
So if you’re not sure whether or not your website needs one, you can always error on the side of caution and use one anyway.
In major cases, your website will get advantage if your have a sitemap,” Digital Marketing company expert  says-:
1.Google perfer Automatically Generated Sitemaps.
2.When it comes to creating website sitemaps, Google specifically prefers using automatically generated sitemaps versus manually creating one.
3. In a perfect world, the framework running your site will make sitemap documents for you consequently. There are WordPress modules and Drupal augmentations out there for achieving this too.
Lastly, be mindful of sitemap file sites. If your site is so large that it requires multiple sitemap files in order to contain all the URLs then that’s perfectly fine.
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